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The HUDDLE (CoP) - Thursdays - Shared screen with speaker view
Sport Yukon
It’s actually 172 pages :)
Alex Jegier, ElderActive Recreation Association
A couple of questions have come up for me:1. For governance models, where do results-based models fit in a multi-sport/rec org? Do you see any orgs moving from policy/carver model board to more hybrid/results based?2. For the "1%" policies that need more customization than a code of conduct, what are some good questions/practices to help create/modify these policies?
Alex Jegier, ElderActive Recreation Association
I'm somewhere loud... I've seen three models of governance.. working board, policy board, results-based (which typically is a hybrid of the two)... I guess the question would be if you have experience with that (typically smaller orgs have that hybrid)
Sarah Marsh
Why would or wouldn't a small sport organization becoming incorporated? You mentioned it earlier and I was hoping to learn more about what "being incorporated" means for a sport org?
Sarah Marsh
Btw, I have no idea if the sport org I am part of is incorporated or not. :)
Sarah Marsh
just learned that were incorporated! :)
Alex Jegier, ElderActive Recreation Association
my understanding is directors can still be liable but that's why you get directors insurance
Geof Harries
We are part of Cycling Canada and are very connected to all of the provincial cycling organizations. We often take what these other organizations have for policies, adapt them to our needs and use as our own. Is that okay? Does that put us at risk?
Alex Jegier, ElderActive Recreation Association
thank you very much
Sarah Marsh
I have a quick question!
Exilda Driscoll
thank you
Sport Yukon
Please stay on the call folks for more information
Scott Casselman
can you email that to Scott
Geof Harries
More stuff like this! It’s awesome. Nice to not feel alone.
Alex Jegier, ElderActive Recreation Association
thanks Lisa, Sport Yukon, and Sport and Rec branch
Exilda Driscoll
thank you, this was fantastic.