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Materials for Hybrid Energy Storage - Creating an Ecosystem for Innovation - Shared screen with gallery view
Olga Suminska-Ebersoldt
Dear Participants,please note that your cameras and microphones will be disabled during the webinar.If you have questions for the panellists, please post them in the chat. The most interesting questions will be asked at the end of the meeting.The recordings and a report of the meeting will be published on the EERA JP ES website shortly after the Webinar.
Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac
Dear Mayokun, thank you for your question. (Linear)scaling of the hybrid batteries is indeed a challange. The 5 h in Varell was just to illustrate the capacity of the system. As I mentioned Varel is a demonstrator, for the future use the systems must be even more optimised that Varel. in Having not only more capacity but also in being even more flexible. Namely in my opinion the Varel facility should have more LiB to tackle the weak points of NaS (less flexible). And it is still not a realy "bulk storage" solution
Olga Suminska-Ebersoldt
Here the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the CETP: https://eranet-smartenergysystems.eu/global/images/cms/CETP/CETP_SRIA_v1.0_endorsed.pdf
Myriam E. Gil Bardaji
The slides, recordings and a report of the meeting will be published on the EERA JP ES website shortly after the Webinar.
Nikolas Reschen - Austrian Ministry of Climate Action
And here the SET Plan Stakeholder Groups DialoguesSummary Paper: https://expera.smartgridsplus.eu/Repository%20for%20SETPlan%20Horizon%20Europe%20Partnership/3_SRIA-Writing-Process/Final%20SRIA/CETP%20SET%20Plan%20Stakeholder%20Groups%20Dialogues_final.pdf
Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac
@Bruno Pollet: I agree in 100 % and this is what I underlined in my presentation. All availble technologies have time limitations
Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac
@Ulrich Wietelmann: for seasonal storage wee need the high availlbility , and it is not a case of lithium. the newest discussion on this here https://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/kampf-um-das-weisse-gold-wettruesten-in-suedamerikas-lithium-dreieck-17283672.html?premium
Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac
And it does not look it will be cheap enough. There is alos the question on the reactivity, of couse Li looks better then H2, but it is still more difficult to store (if you consider tonnes) than Al, Zn...
Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac
The same apply for Li3N, it is also very reactive