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Polk Co EOC Stakeholders Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Tony Leys
Could you please specify who will be included in the expansion expected Jan. 11?
Joe Dolack
Is there a list for the schedule from ACIP
Candace Milbourn
In regard to the 2nd vaccination If it's due within 28 days does it have to be right on day 28 or is there a window?
Jodene DeVault
great. Thanks Frannie
Stephanie Andersen
Does a person need to be recovered for a certain amount of time from Covid before they receive their vaccine?
Jay Tiefenthaler
With the new strain do you foresee any changes needing to be made with regards to face to face gatherings at work, school, etc.?
Philip Blumberg
Are there plans to vaccinate healthcare students on clinical rotations at the health systems and clinics throughout Polk county? The CDC definition of healthcare worker would seem to include them.
Amber Rand
Does the current definition of "healthcare employee" in 1a include direct care workers in a residential setting taking care of mentally ill youth as well as our nurses in our facility? We provide mental health not necessarily physical health.
Kelsie Pinegar
Does the expansion include emergency shelter direct staff?
Sherri Nielsen
Hello- Does the 1a expansion include Home and Community based wavier staff working with persons with disability?
Jodene DeVault
As you work through your appts in a drive through manner, how do you have them wait the 15 (or more) minutes following the vaccination?
James Wettestad
As a veteran, over age 55, would Polk County Health prefer I wait for the vaccine from the VA? Are the "Feds” behind in getting the vaccine distributed as compared to Polk County? Thank you.
Joe Dolack
I am looking for a list of the definitions of the different phases. Is there a list of the priority list.
Casey Villhauer
Thank you, Helen. That was exactly my question.
Shona Lass
The recommendation that if a person has a history of anaphylactic reaction and has an epipen that they need to get the vaccine at a location that can handle a reaction. Will there be a location that can meet this need for a direct care worker that wants to receive the vaccination?
Tony Leys
Are the 2,900 "balance administered through PCHD" actually administered already? Or just allocated to that effort?
Travis Ouverson
Timeframe/priority for vaccination of public safety first responders?
rachel borich
After January 11th, for school nurses as public health care professionals; will you be contacting districts of when they are available to be vaccinated as priority group?
Lisa Remy
Timeframe of vaccinations for teachers?
Jim Mitchell
Can proof of employment include a letter, like previously stated?
Chuck Isenhart
What does it mean to say the new strain is 30 to 50 percent more infectious? Does that mean someone. it following mask protocols etc are 30-50 percent more likely to get infected?
Casey Villhauer
Do you foresee a greater need for immunizers beyond what HyVee and Medicap can provide?
Chuck Isenhart
someone not following social distancing protocols
Jim Mitchell
Thanks Franny!
Matt Anderson
When the vaccine is finally available to the general public, how do you anticipate prioritizing within that large group? A lottery system? First-come first-served?
Casey Villhauer
Thank you, Helen.
Marketa Oliver
thank you