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Conowingo WIP meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Karl Brown
Is it possible to share the list of participants and or attendees that are participating on this webinar today?
Chris Swann
you can adjust the location of the panelist picture using the view options. There should be a setting (the one on the left at the top of the panelist picture box that will minimize the picture
Ruth Hocker
If you would like to speak, please raise your hand to allow us to unmute you.
Carly Dean
Following Bryan's comment: notes from today's meeting will be compiled into a report, for your review, before our team presents the report to the CWIP Steering Committee and EPA. Please also feel free to send public comments via email to CWIP@chesapeakebay.net.
Brian Chalfant
Following up on John's points about how to pay for the CWIP, could someone please talk about the differences and relationship between the CWIP financing strategy and the CWIP economic development investment strategy?
Brian Chalfant
This may be more a finance team question but do you have any thoughts about if/how performance-based contracting might be used for annual vs. structural BMPs?
Carly Dean
Thank you all for sharing your comments. We currently have four written questions in the queue and will get to them in the order they were received.