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Legal 101: Venture Creation Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Andrea Wall
Welcome all. Thanks very much for joining us today - we're excited to highlight the legal supports available in our UCalgary ecosystem and beyond to support early stage social ventures (and startups more broadly).Please feel welcome to ask your questions in the chat as we go through today's presentation and we'll answer them at the end.
Jane Ritchie
Morning All - I'm the IP Manager for Carbon Engineering, and a native Calgarian - joining in for my own education and to see what's going on in Calgary's Innovation.
Andrea Wall
We also love to hear who's on the call. Please introduce yourself and your connection to this topic.Welcome Mohammed, Jaspreet, and Jane! Thanks for getting us started :)
Darrell Panich
Hello everyone, I am a life science management consultant. Here to expand my knowledge on starting businesses
Andrea Wall
Great, thanks for joining Darrell.
Andrea Wall
Please feel welcome to pop any questions in the chat and we'll address these during the Q&A section shortly.If you can, please also turn your videos on so we can have more of a discussion together for our last 30 minutes :)
Austin Sevalrud
To contact the BLG Business Venture Clinic, all you need to do is fill out the online intake form here: http://www.businessventureclinic.ca/contact.html. You will be assigned a caseworker who will follow up with you and assist you with your legal challenges.
Jane Ritchie
Thank you so much for this - I have to step off to another call but this was a great intro. Great info on the resources available to start-ups!
Mohammed Almekhlafi
This was extremely helpful. Thank you very much, all.
Islam Heikal
To Business venture clinic gentlemen
Islam Heikal
are your services limited only to the UFC associates?
Darrell Panich
Thanks for an informative presentation. I need to jump off for another call. Have a great day everyone!
Islam Heikal
thank you
Andrea Wall
Karen Keck, Legal Sneakers can be reached via https://www.legalsneakers.com/contact-legalsneakers
Islam Heikal
Excellent session, thank you Andrea, Karen & Austin
Andrea Wall