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November 10 Workshop: Economic Competitiveness and Inclusion - Jobs and Industry - Shared screen with gallery view
Tawanna Black
Great point, Commissioner. We do see opportunities to more deeply align investments in those growth sectors and investments in equity and economic inclusion in order to accelerate inclusive growth.
Tawanna Black
The data on the Inclusive Future of Work from both Accenture and McKinsey shows opportunities to stimulate growth in the sectors Josh is highlighting- particular in the tech industry- and tech jobs in all sectors to stimulate inclusive growth for African American, Hispanic/ Latino and Native populations.
Ling Becker
We want to make sure that folks in Saint Paul have transportation access to the jobs in the suburban areas. That is where the higher wage mfg jobs reside and the open jobs are even during COVID.
Great comments Commissioner Reinhart. We will build out the “how” or various approaches the County to take across some strategies for our Dec. 15th strategy session. Also, though the lens is “what capacity do we have now to do this” it’s also important to ask “how can we increase capacity, if this is something we really need/want to do.”
Also great comments Ling. Feedback from our CEI team is making sure people see themselves in the strategy … asking “who is this strategy serving?” We can try and build this out as we go.
Commissioner Trista MatasCastillo
great work I support the approach Ling and Kari