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C21 Canada 10th Anniversary Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Robert Martellacci
Hey Ramy, Thanks for joining!
Robert Martellacci
Hi Martyn and Chris, Great to have the alumni join in!
Robert Martellacci
We welcome your comments and questions here
Denise Andre
Great to hear from the amazing C21 panelists. Appreciate that you opened this up to your distribution list Robert.
Robert Martellacci
Welcome Denise! Pleasure. Hope you are well.
Dean Shareski
Perhaps the most long standing paradigm in education is the tradition that school in general is a 10 month block that is build around 200 days and 9-4 Monday to Friday. Beyond minor tweaking, to what end are you exploring and rethinking the belief that seat time = learning and how will this pandemic support new models and choice for children and families?
Chris Smeaton
I actually think that this might be a natural progression that will "automatically" take place because of the learning we have done around seat time/hybrid models/etc. The window is open as Jordan Tinney has said before and we must go through it before it closes!