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Future of Forests: How can we increase & maintain Kenya's Forests? - Shared screen with speaker view
Obare-SIB Kenya
where can I get this data of forest?
Amani Institute
Welcome everyone!
Amani Institute
Great to have you here
Amani Institute
Kindly rename yourself- so we know who is in the house and it will help the networking!
Joyce Isiaho - WWF-Kenya
Obare-SIB Kenya - you can contact Kiunga Kareko at kkareko@wwfkenya.org. He will provide the source of data
Obare-SIB Kenya
Hope we are recording this session. This information is vital
Fred Nairowua
what's the current carbon sequsterisatio n capacity of our forest? in terms of CO2e
Mbaire Kamau/Amani Institute
Yes the session is being recorded and a recording shared with all of you
Collins Lugongo
This is a great discussion, very informative.
Nashon Marwa
This is info pack. Hope it's recorded
Mbaire Kamau/Amani Institute
Yes it is being recorded and a recording will be shared with everyone in the session
Musa Cheruiyot
Important to identify the key underlying causes (drivers to deforestation such as poverty, weak governance, markets.
Michael Koech - Safaricom PLC
Rich presentation, hope you will share
Michael Koech - Safaricom PLC
What incentives do WWF Kenya offer for forest
Alex Kubasu
A summary of the State of our Forests in Kenya: https://www.wwfkenya.org/state_of__forest_in_kenya/
Travel4Purpose - Sham
Great insights! Indeed, we are the changemakers
Confrey Alianji WWF Kenya Innovation Strategist
Great presentation KK, wonderful work
Beatrice Despioch
any forest cover actions in Taita-Taveta County (3% forest cover...)
Collins Lugongo
Thank you so much KK for the rich presentation.
Musa Cheruiyot
Thanks KK for that elaborate presentation.
Nathan Mutunga
That was a very good presentation, KK. Good stuff
Alex Kubasu
Tree species to plant by Location - Kenya: https://panda.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=4d746cbfafb44f6d96cfe0e5595967f1
Alex Kubasu
The journey of the Keep Kenya Breathing campaign so far in terms of total number of trees grown across Kenya can be accessed using the link below: https://wwfke-giscoe.wwfkenya.org/portal/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/58da5aae46ce4ab5bf616265d5305368
Sheila Ruto
Very insightful. As KTDA Foundation, we would love to partner with various organization in an effort to increase the forest cover across the country. For us environmental protect and conservation is a crucial aspect as we committed to ensuring improved ecological conditions for tea growing for improved livelihoods for our farmers.
Musa Cheruiyot
Encouraged to hear @Sheila Ruto. A strong partnership can give us great results.
Catherine Mungai (IUCN)
Very interesting presentations. It would be great to know what incentives or measures are in place to reduce pressure from the private sector and business communities that also contribute a huge percentage to deforestation in the country.
Michael Koech - Safaricom PLC
Where are Miti Alliance nurseries located?
Rosemary Mutunkei
Miti Alliance are doing a great job focusing on young people . Great passionate and authentic presentation Michael !
Caroline Wanjiku
Really eye opening and insightful presentations! I would like to know if market based solutions that provide incentives to forest dependent communities such as REDD+ and other payment for ecosystem services strategies can be implemented on a more smaller sustainable scale with greater impact looking at the jurisdictional set up with nesting into the national REDD+ program.
Nancy Ogonje
Great job Miti Alliance!
Musa Cheruiyot
Michael - that is a great initiative. Well done.
Brian Birir
Be ready with 2 seedlings before you cut down one tree
Living Machines- Daisy and Alan
Thanks Michael! great points raised.
Kiunga Kareko-WWF Kenya
Good work you are doing Michael, in challenging situations. Keep it going
Michael Waiyaki
Asante sana. We will keep pushing forward for the sake of those to come after us
Lisa Kibutu
Does Seedballs have all types of indigenous trees, specifically for the coast?
Morris Muriithi
Great presentation from members. Kudos to all for your efforts in greening our earth. I am landscaper/ gardener from Mombasa Kenya. In as much as we landscapers are at times accused as being a threat to the forest cover, with great policies in place landscaped spaces and forest covers can be achieved. In my projects I normally encourage more spaces to be softscaped with plants rather than hardscaped(pavers etc). And as a plus a kitchen garden and fruit trees(doubling up as shade trees at times) have to be included if space permits. Looking forward to partnering with my fellow green thumbs.
Joyce Isiaho - WWF-Kenya
Thanks Teddy for a very informative presentation. Please confirm average survival rate for every 100 seedballs
Michael Koech - Safaricom PLC
Seed balls concept is interesting. What is the progress of what was done at Mau Narok?
Musa Cheruiyot
To avoid risk of unintended dispersal of species such as Prosobis juliflora, how to you select, certify the seeds?
Nancy Ogonje
Good work Teddy!
Jerry Sellanga
Thanks Teddy for the support always and partnership
thank you Teddy, this is wonderful!
Beatrice Despioch
Great enthusiastic presentation Teddy!
Laura Munema - St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT)
great initiative Teddy.....congrats
Rosemary Mutunkei
Seed balls concept a pretty innovative direction .
Collins Lugongo
big thanks to all presenters
Jerry Sellanga
Here is the list of species that we have been working with and if KEFRI has it (indigenous trees ONLY!) and if the seed is suitable we can try make it into a seedball.
Jerry Sellanga
Ave. survival seedball rate in the 'wild' this is with no fencing, livestock and wildlife etc is appx 5-10% and on-farm planting with post care, fencing etc. around 50-70% depending on species type (think sesbania vs. acacia tortilis) rainfall/watering etc. but germination rate typically matches what KEFRI lists on the bag when we buy the seeds
Beatrice Despioch
I've seen so many tree nursery projects starting an collapsing in Kasigau rural community (Taita-Taveta County) because of lack of water, funding, monitoring, wildlife conflict, goats, etc.
KENVO does very good work in Kijabe, part of the Aberdare ecosystem
Jane Waiyaki - Absa Bank Kenya
Really great presentation from all, looking forward to collaborate with some of you in the near future. Thank you WWF/Amani for such a insightful session
Jane Waiyaki - Absa Bank Kenya
Looking forward to receive the recording
Ngong Road Forest Association - Andrew
Talking of support for mature trees & forests - are there organisations providing long term funding to protect existing forests? Ngong Road Forest here in Niarobi is 1,200 hectares, but under risk since it is not fenced and protected. Are there orgs we can reach out to for support?
Laura Munema - St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT)
I agree with Nancy.....planting a tree is easier but growing a tree is difficult...it needs patience and commitment
Beatrice Despioch
growing trees require lot's of care and making sure that you are selecting the right species for the right ecosystem. we truly believe in natural regeneration (Eco-charcoal Ltd)
Lisa Kibutu
@Jane Waiyaki How an our organisation get in touch with you?
Nashon Marwa
Am a young environmentalist looking for mentorship and volunteer programme. I feel in debt to nature, with the expertise I have, I look forward to deliver. Anyone can help pleasenashmose@gmail.com0706682597
Michael Waiyaki
Thank you Mr.Ngatia.
Nancy Ogonje
You can get in touch with East African Wild Life Society via info@eawildlife.org. You can join the Forest Challenge 2021 via forestchallenge.com
James Mwai
Mr Ngatia has mentioned a very important issue - availability of wood and timber products for energy (KTDA, household and others, for furniture, structural timber, wood crafts etc. The current school desks supply is a case in point. There is an urgent need to recognise commercial forestry as complimentary and critical to efforts in conservation forestry. Additionally it creates employment, supports entire supply chains and generates govt revenue. We are keen to share our experiences in this and partner for a competitive, inclusive and sustainable commercial forestry sector. james.mwai@gatsbyafrica.org.uk
Michael Waiyaki
James thats a very important point. If we don’t handle our demand for wood, fuel etc we are still left with the problem of deforestation
Laban Rotich
very informative presentations
Jerry Sellanga
Thank you all for this very interesting meeting and kudos to all of you for the great work you are all doing helping to ReGreen Kenya!I challenge everyone here to observe the landscapes around you for where you see the natural regeneration of indigenous trees occurring and to think of how you can help speed up that process by mimicking nature as much as possible.
Michael Waiyaki
Thanks Nancy for that call to action. We have volunteers whom we can share and link to other activities. Should any organisation here wish to invite us for an event you can send an email to michael@miti.co.ke
Rosemary Mutunkei
Very valuable discussion ,information and insights around Forests .
Charlene Mwangi
This has been so enlightening. Valuable call to actions raised.
Jerry Sellanga
And if anyone would like a free sample of tree (or grass!) seedballs please drop us a line on seedballskenya@gmail.com with the #FutureofForests in the subject line.
Nancy Ogonje
@ Michael Waiyaki. We will be in touch
Nissi Vanessa - Finalist@UON
Hi to all Conservation bodies present. How can those of us looking for opportunities to do Conservation work be brought on board? I am passionate about Conservation work.
Nancy Ogonje
Thank you Amani Institute
Michael Waiyaki
Thank you for hosting us
Joan Tonui
Very informative and insightful discussion. If anyone would like to purchase seedlings in south rift please reach out joan@greentownsinitiative.org
Beatrice Despioch
Thank you so much for this insightful webinar😊
Laban Rotich