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Health Services Network Meetings 2021 - 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Tim White- CIS Ontario/CISAA
Reminder that we will be using the CHAT for the questions you would like answered during the Q&A session at the end of the presentations. Feel free to type your question in the chat and I will monitor them to ensure they are answered at some point in the hour today. Tim
D: Adi Sood - UTS
what are your thoughts on baseline concussion testing for students that are engaged in sports?
Stephanie, Parachute
Thanks for your question. I’m happy to speak on baseline testing during the Q&A
Heather Tugnett (SAC - Athletic Therapist)
We met with CAPT several times, and while we were very impressed with the potential to reduce our administrative workload and improve communication related to concussion management, the overall cost was the primary reason we have not yet jumped on board. If this is a direction the CIS would like all schools to adopt, would the CIS be willing to assist in negotiating a reduced cost for participating schools?
Heather Tugnett (SAC - Athletic Therapist)
Coordinating the logistics of concussion awareness/education can be quite challenging. Standardizing our resources for concussion awareness would be very helpful (to ensure all stakeholders are receiving up-to-date information), but are there any recommendations for which concussion awareness resources we should be using with coaches/athletes/parents and how to best track completion of education awareness in accordance with Rowan’s Law?
Charline Wan
During this student-led phase of the recovery tracking process, what flexibility is built in the program for school staff to help students update their progress in the program?
Charline Wan
Do guardians have accounts associated with their child's profile? Can guardians receive automated emails to notify them of their child's progress in the return to school/return to play?
Sage Kavander
Can this program be used for non-athletes, for example a junior school student who is injured on the playground or a senior school student on a school trip?
D: Adi Sood - UTS
if this app is on everyone's phones - My assumption is that all the information in encrypted as it is containing personal health information - is that right?
Phil Santomero
How does this integrate with sn existing LMS?
Sage Kavander
How long does CAPT keep the individual concussion records? As nurses, we are required to keep student records for 10 years following their 18th birthday. Is this the case with CAPT?
Stephanie, Parachute
Tanya Beck
Two questions: Are any schools currently on board with the CAPT simulation?
Tanya Beck
Secondly, as per Heather Tugnett's earlier question, can cost of this app both short term and long term please be discussed.
Lisa Pollock
Is there one consistent concussion/head injury protocol available that all CIS schools are following and is this available online? One developed by CIS?
Sage Kavander
My Mic isn't working
Sage Kavander
what we have is very basic
Karen Connor
Can students be loaded into the system at any time? Or is it a lump registration at the start of the year?
Tanya Beck
At TCS, we spoke earlier in 2021, and at that time when we spoke about pricing, there was tiered pricing - year 1 at a medium tier being $12,000.00. Has this been changed now to a price per student cost? If so, is there a minimum number of students needed per school, and do all students need to participate, or is that up to the individual school? There was also mention that pricing would increase from one year to the next, as there would be more management and analytical costs?
Dan Imbrogno, AgileIS
Hi Karen, in case we don’t get to your question, yes students can be loaded in at any time. So it can accommodate for example a hockey team that starts in the middle of the school year.
Karen Connor
Thanks Dan
Stephanie, Parachute
Thank you, everyone.
Dan Imbrogno, AgileIS
Thanks for the great questions everyone!
Sage Kavander
Thank you everyone! A very informative session!
Kyle Watson, HNMCS
Thank you!
Jennifer Ferguson
I remember one season I had 15 students concussed at once. Thank you so much for this session
D: Adi Sood - UTS
very helpful - thank you
Lisa Pollock
Thank you!
D-Ann Anantharajah
Thank you everyone!
Janice Runza
Thanks so much!
Karen Connor
Thank you!