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ARMA Membership COVID "Shelter in Place" Update - Shared screen with speaker view
William Howser
Good afternoon everyone. I'm EHS for a small business. I hope everyone is safe and comfortable as we prepare our employees. Nice to see you all here.
Liz Gori
Hi Everyone! Below are the links to the City Orders and CISA guidance
Liz Gori
CISA: https://www.cisa.gov/publication/guidance-essential-critical-infrastructure-workforce
Liz Gori
City Orders: http://www.austintexas.gov/sites/default/files/files/Order%2020200324-007%20-%20Stay%20Home%20-%20Work%20Safe.pdf
William Howser
QUESTION: If construction stays open, does that include 'all supporting companies'? Custom furniture, lighting, plumbing, etc for existing or new builds?
Michele Glaze
Where would the City post information about the waiver process
William Howser
I would love an employee template please.
Russell Aldridge
Jenny Threadgill for Russell Aldridge – QUESTION: If we believe we’re an Essential Business, is there an official document we need to give our employees for their commute to and from work? Or is the company letter our company created sufficient?
William Howser
Is there a specific timeline we have to turn in our waivers?
Amie Winegeart
If employees stay home because they are scared what actions can we take if any? Do we have to keep their job open or can we find a replacement?
Michele Glaze
Also, it appears that DHS just updated language to CISA
Charlie Hampton
We have been sent a letter from a couple of customers saying that as a supplier to them, we are considered critical infrastrure and therefore can commute to locations and perform services to support these customers. This will definitely help in providing documentation to the employees for travel to and from home.
Amie Winegeart
Thank you! That helps.
Connie Cepeda
Could you please have Chris answer Amie's question for all of us?
Marie Matisans
If there is any issues of need for support in layoff aversion WFS is currently holding rapid response and shared working grants t oassist
William Howser
Great discussion. Thank you!!!