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February Program - Shared screen with speaker view
Jewel Kayfes
Amazing testimony Shae. Thank you for sharing your story. Truly an inspiration!
Greg Lutje
I worked for KinderCare, and wonder if it might donate spots in its centers for kids of participants
MaryKay (she/her/hers)
Can Bill talk a little bit about the faith aspect of UGM's programs? The benefits and reasoning behind this foundation, as well as whether that is a barrier for some participants.
Paige Tisdale-Urban Plantscapes
Who is the contact for gifts in kind??
Sara Daley
So true about listening and supporting Han Mei! Also, as a former caseworker for child welfare, I learned that it really helps if we can educate ourselves about the psychological barriers low income women (and any marginalized person) face in learning to reimagine a higher quality of life. It is not easy to shift our whole belief system, especially when the voices telling you that you cannot do this are the loudest.
Greg Lutje
I live in Beaverton and have been an attorney since '89, and would love to help to the best of my abilities. Such a fantastic Project and cause.
Colette - UGM
Ken Cowdery for Gifts in Kind
Anyone interested in providing in-kind gift for this project, please email Ken Cowdrey : kencwdr39@gmail.com
Bill Russell
My email - billr@ugmportland.org
anne rogness
This was so inspiring and so hopeful. Thank you for this. Means even more these days to hear positive stories.I have always been a supporter of the Gospel Mission, keep up your amazing work. Well done CIDA & Hoffman! I am a fellow industry member at ZGF, I look forward to seeing the end result. I have another meeting at 11 now unfortunately.
Bill Russell
Senior gift officer for this project rons@ugmportland.org
Melinda Bell
thank you
Katie Thompson
Thank you so much! I am honored to be part of this organization and conversation.
Paige Tisdale-Urban Plantscapes
Thank you so much! Wonderful program.
MaryKay (she/her/hers)
Thank you for such a terrific panel!