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Thundersoft presents their use of EdgeX - Shared screen with speaker view
Henry Lau
Recording and slide deck will be posted after the call to EdgeX Vertical Solutions wiki: https://wiki.edgexfoundry.org/display/FA/Vertical+Solutions+Working+Group
Jim St. Leger
I'd like to understand the relationship between ThunderSoft's use of EdgeX and support for Amazon Greengrass, Azure IoT, Ali Yun, etc. Are they related? Or just "we support lots of methodologies"? Thanks.
Joe Pearson
I’m curious how ThunderSoft supports EdgeX on Android
Jim White
Thanks Joe and Jim. I'll tee those questions up. For others, feel free to post your question here or speak up at the conclusion during the Q&A period.
Andrew Foster
Do Thundersoft use open source software for their AI engine and if so what are they using ?