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Living in the Tension: Racial Justice Conversation with Laurel Bunker - Session 3 - Shared screen with gallery view
Emily Hamilton
For over 20 years Pastor Laurel Bunker has been a leader in the fields of higher education, non-profit business management, and church leadership and Para church ministry. A writer, sought after speaker and minister of the gospel, Laurel’s love for the Lord and for people has led her across the country where she ministers to thousands of people in a diversity of settings including colleges and universities, churches, youth camps, national conferences.Laurel has served as a leader and trainer for many national organizations including Young Life, YMCA and Youth Specialties. She has also served as youth and young adult pastor, an adjunct professor and most recently served as the Director of Program Operations for Jeremiah Program, a broad based, collaborative community initiative which helps young women with children break the cycle of poverty by obtaining post-secondary education.In 2008, Laurel joined the President’s Leadership Team at Bethel University where she serves as the Vice President of Christi
Emily Hamilton
In 2008, Laurel joined the President’s Leadership Team at Bethel University where she serves as the Vice President of Christian Formation and Church Relations. In this role, she serves as a top level administrator, overseeing the spiritual development initiatives of the campus as well as managing a team of gifted individuals who develop the missions, discipleship, prayer, outreach, and worship ministries for the University. In 2021 Laurel also became the Interim Vice President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, overseeing the implementation of the institutional diversity plan and to lead the institution in its ongoing efforts to create a more just and equitable community.Laurel holds an undergraduate degree in communications from Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, a Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Ministry from Luther Seminary and is pursuing her Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Administration from Bethel University.
Emily Hamilton
Hi all--if you have questions, feel free to chat me directly, and I'll compile them as we go for the Q and A at the end.
Last week, Laurel shared her feelings on traveling outside the city. I struggled with her comments and have thought about it a lot since. After listening to the John Perkins interview, I was struck by his observation that we need to have passion/compassion for the unfelt pain of others. I realize better now that i need to listen more emphatically to others so that I can’t partner better with the thoughts like those shared by Laurel.
Alison Gulden
Did you mention the MN African American Heritage Center?
Kay Helmken
I would like to give a book/discussion on this topic to my college kids (3). What book do you think would speak to this age group?
Angela Fransen
Caste: The Origins of our Discontent
Angela Fransen
Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison
Angela Fransen
I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown
Angela Fransen
Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson
Angela Fransen
Justin Gibbony - The And Campaign (website and book)
Angela Fransen
Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House about the Future of Faith in America
Angela Fransen
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