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New IDEAS Recruitment and Engagement Webinars - Shared screen with speaker view
Abby Cruz
Good afternoon. Thank you for providing this webinar. Will the recording be available after?
Marianne Torres-Malaga
Hi, this is Marianne Torres-Malaga from St. Mary's Medical Center. I want to confirm that my audio is off?
Mackenzie Kirby
Hello, is the audio working? I can’t hear anything on my end and wanted to double check.
Kaysi Phillips
Hi Mackenzie, Are you able to hear now?
Mackenzie Kirby
Unfortunately no, will this meeting recording be emailed out?
Mariela Rodriguez
Hello Mackenzie, yes it will be recorded and uploaded on the New IDEAS website
Mackenzie Kirby
Great thank you!
Mariela Rodriguez
For specific questions study start-up, protocol, site training and or the New IDEAS database please contact the New IDEAS Clinical Research Project Specialist Emily Glavin eglavin@acr.org
William Gilmer MD
will you email that contact information to all of us please?
Mariela Rodriguez
Yes Dr. Gilmer
Natalie Allen
has there been any programs developed for subjects that can not afford the copays? Secondly, other than stating that the copays range from 0-$900 (20%) has there been a list made of copays based on insurances so that the subjects are aware of the exact amount of what they are to pay when they go for their PET Scan
Mariela Rodriguez
Joy Rutherford
I support Mariela, we have been distributing new patient folders with the recruitment materials to our patients and they have no complaints and are fascinated with the graphical presentation.
Mariela Rodriguez
hamid okhravi
Is there any cap for recruitment sites for Caucasian population recruitment?
Nancy Lynn
So happy you’re doing this! Seems great way to nurture longterm trusting relationships is to GIVE FIRST to these communities before asking them to participate in studies. BrightFocus Foundation is about to launch a FREE program called Brain Info Live (www.brightfocus.org/braininfolive) that provides streaming, entertaining virtual brain info programs that are culturally tailored twice a month over a two-year period. Would love to see if we could collaborate. This could be great for promoting this study. Will be launching in Boston area end of this month.
James Noble
James Noble, Columbia University. About half of my practice is Spanish-only speakers and I have extensive experience in engaging our community through a multidisciplinary approach over the past 15y. In general, the barrier we experience is not so much in referral for evaluations but timely evaluations in early stage given delayed recognition. So to be clear, if a scan candidate presents with CDR 1-2 and reasonable likelihood of LOAD, would a scan be supported? I anticipate this will be the most likely scenario. Also, can you elaborate about what was meant when discussing the translations and outreach to Hispanic communities. I also point out that we really cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach here, as sensitivities and issues will differ among and between Hispanic communities. This is a well recognized central tenet of disparities research, particularly in AD.
Stephanie Buss
How much is the copay?
Denise Merlino
correction co payment not waved rather paid by study if not paid by payer and Co payment is limited
William Gilmer MD
please clarify live the discussion about co pay waived vs paid by the study?
Natalie Allen
How do we get the copay paid by the study please
Karen Frizelis
Yes please clarify??
Danny Benmoshe M.D.
Would the PCPs you're reaching out to, be provided with listing of all IDEAS study recruitment sites in their area? (my apologies if this was already answered)
Stephanie Mayers
We also designed recruitment materials and educational materials to help fill in these gaps in information.
Claudia Barajas
There is a great need for community health workers that will help stablish trust educate the community about memory health and connect the community to the New IDEAS research and other resources available
Silvia Russo
What are the main tips/advice you recommend when a physician who is not part of a minority community tries to address some of the misconceptions regarding dementia, while still remaining respectful? Thank you for this presentation!
Omar Hasan
multiple patients at our practice have been discouraged by how they need to pay for a second full clinic visit so soon after the first. If there was any way to help reimburse for that second follow-up post-pet visit, it might help?
Luca Giliberto
Agree with Dr. Noble.
Luca Giliberto
In particular with minorities, the timing of presentation to us specialists is late, and at that time the options are very limited. At Northwell we are trying to reach out to PCPs and Geriatricians, and have constituted a multidisciplinary group with monthly meetings so that all specialists are informed of what we do at the AD center.
Luca Giliberto
that has helped to recruit.
James Noble
please contact me at jn2054@cumc.columbia.edu
Luca Giliberto
also, during 2020, many less MCIs have presented to our clinic than before. Picking back up now, but people are still "hiding".
Keith Vossel
UCLA is excited to participate. Thank you for this great session! - Keith Vossel, Director, Alzheimer's Program
Stacee Naylor
Thank you to the presenters!
Stephanie Mayers
Dawn Batchuluun
Thank you!
Abby Cruz
Thank you!
Stephanie Mayers
Wonderful presentation! Thank you for the thoughtful discussion everyone!