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The Northern Ireland College of the Future final report launch webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Harriet Hadley - AoC Events Team
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Harriet Hadley - AoC Events Team
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Stephen Farry
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Jason Miles-Campbell
How can NI's colleges be best supported to lead (further) on the use of digital in supporting learners and the econony? (Jason Miles-Campbell, Head of Jisc NI)
Scott Alexander
There are nine main recommendations. Are they weighted and does the strategy risk not meeting targets if any are not taken forward?
Frank Bryan
How important do panelists see a cohesive 14-19 strategy, supported by professional careers advice to our young learners?
Sarah Laverty
Given the challenges it poses is it appropriate to continue with the education system being split across two Departments, or should remit be moved to ensure it falls under one Minister? (Sarah, NUS-USI)
Megan Fearon
Many thanks for your work on a great report and very interesting contributions. We are delighted to see a focus on flexible, lifelong learning. Going forward we think there will be a need to focus on microcredentials, credit transfer and all age apprenticeships. What are your thoughts?(Megan Fearon, The Open University)
Catherine Fox
How important is it for colleges in NI to continue their engagement with their FE counterparts and employers in the Republic of Ireland ?
Catherine Fox
Catherine Fox, Dunboyne College
Megan Fearon
We also welcome the proposal for the integrated tertiary system. We are very proud of our partnerships with regional colleges. As the only cross-border university on the island, we hope to extend these partnerships. (Megan Fearon, The Open University)
Frank Bryan
Historically NI has been good on strategy and less good on outcomes. The stakes are now higher than ever, and important we succeed. How do we ensure collaboration happens more effectively and can hold each other accountable in a way that cuts across traditional boundaries?
Simon Phillips
Thank you. Have a good Easter
Stephen Evans
Thank you all - great questions & debate. Look forward to continuing the discussion.
Harriet Hadley - AoC Events Team
Thank you all
Shirley Moore
Thank you.
Damian Duffy
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