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Kimberly Lindsey
You mention moving revenue, is this done for each transaction via a rev-batch update, or is there a way to move all at once?
Joshua Kelly - L358
Is there a way for me to add giving categories myself, or would I have to go through Member Care like I would to edit/delete them?
When trying to move revenue we have run into problems with moving pledges that have been written off. Is there a way to handle these?
415 Carole Stojetz
For old revenue You need to make sure you choose the reason constituent change WILL NOT POST.
Ramnik McQuillan
Duplicate records: If 1 duplicate record has the financial information and the 2nd record has the CBC, which one should be kept? Our registrar has noticed that when the records are merged, sometimes we lose the new registrations.
Rich White
Email tip: If you receive an email that isn't a calendar invite but you want to add it to your calendar as an appointment, there is an email reply option in Outlook called 'Reply with Meeting' that you can use. When you click Reply with Meeting, it will create a calendar invitation from the email. When the calendar invite pops up, it will be addressed to the sender of the email as a required meeting participant and, if you just want to add the email to your calendar without actually sending the invite to the sender of the email, just delete the sender as the required participant and click Send. Outlook will give you a warning that no participants are on the invite and it will ask you if you want to save it to your calendar as an appointment and you will click ok. Now you have converted the email to a calendar appointment. This is what I do when I receive an email about an upcoming meeting/event that hasn't been sent as a calendar invite but I want to save it to my calendar as an appointment.
Ramnik McQuillan
re: moving revenue: I don't think we can move revenue from the year(s) that have already been closed.
Debra 055
Sounds like a good tip!
Ramnik McQuillan
I think she opened a ticket about it. I can email you the details
Ramnik McQuillan
will do, thank you
Will membership go to BBCRM in January?
Kimberly Lindsey
what will replace scoutnet
Thank you.
Kimberly Lindsey
okay , ty
Mary Russell 375
Thank you!