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OD ShopTalk - SARS-CoV-2 and You - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Spengler
could Covid mutate so it did settle on surfaces and be transmitted that way?
Sarah Spengler
this is amazing and I am having a flashback to high school biology class.
Jeanne Rosenthal
Do you have advice for immunosuppressed people? It's impossible to get testing to the spike protein, so who knows how protected we are.
Sarah Spengler
To everyone on the call - how are your organizations responding to going back to work - are the new protocols making sense given this information?
S.E. Brick (they/them)
I appreciate this presentation as a baseline. I think this is going to be more of a reality for us who do workforce strategy. I would be interested to hear about what approaches have been used to temper CEOs who are committed to centralized workforce models in light of safety concerns (workforce anxiety about return to on-site)?
Sarah Spengler
I so agree with the individual approach: allowing employees a variety of options... I'm just not seeing much of that flexibility. I wish I were more optimistic...
S.E. Brick (they/them)
I think the fatigue of 2 yrs into the pandemic is hitting the bottom line and now the realities of empty real estate and employees asking for reimbursement for home offices and managers who don't know how to lead virtually … the wheels are starting to fall off.
Sarah Spengler
so, now that we have vaccines, it's easier to customize boosters? The hard basic research and testing has been done to make boosters easier to develop?
Sarah Spengler
that is great news!
Sarah Spengler
SO clearly explained, Gretchen! thank You!
Sarah Spengler
I have a lot of background interference, friends - I have to sign off now! Thanks again Gretchen and the OD Shop Talk Team!Reminders: Create your profile in the Alumni Directory and join us for our next Virtual Happy Hour On Thurs 2/25 I think... Check the website!
Jeanne Rosenthal MPOD1
Thank you very much!!