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Telehealth in SC, Pre, During, and Post COVID and Implications on Cancer Care - Shared screen with speaker view
Gerald Wilson, MD
Not meaning to be mercenary, but understanding that the cost of telehealth will determine continuing success, what are the costs of maintaining state-wide telehealth, what can practitioners expect for participating and what savings will be generated?
Beth Johnson, American Cancer Society
Generally speaking... what was the average demographics of a telehealth patient pre-covid compared to the average patient now?
Gerald Wilson, MD
The use pattern reflects in-person visits. What can be done to change the pattern so that more at-risk populations utilize the telehealth platform?
Beth Johnson, American Cancer Society
If you were not able to reach this patient via telehealth would the patient have been seen at all?
Gerald Wilson, MD
That example makes me think of the risks of social media effect. Pts may lose the importance of the relationship between patient-physician. . .so interspersing virtual with in-person visits is important.
Swann Adams
Thinking about Case 1- Did you feel that care was compromised because the mom/patient was multi-tasking during the visit?
Beth Johnson, American Cancer Society
Does private insurance pay at the same rate as Medicaid/Medicare?
Mauricio Orozco
Good afternoon! I apologize if I missed this. Just interested in hearing about any interpretation/translation services.
Mauricio Orozco
Great point Swann!
Beth Johnson, American Cancer Society
There were several broadband bills that were introduced in the General Assembly last year. One directly related to local preemption of broadband.
Mauricio Orozco
To Beth’s point, https://www.thestate.com/news/politics-government/article245959505.html
Beth Johnson, American Cancer Society
Are there any digital literacy campaigns being pushed forward that we can help with? And is there a funding need for digital literacy?
Beth Johnson, American Cancer Society
Thank you so much... very informative!
Gerald Wilson, MD
Thank you for a very interesting program!