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CIL-NET Presents... Get to the Core of It: Peer Support - Shared screen with speaker view
Sharon Finney
You can view the full streamtext @ https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=ilru
Tim Fuchs
We have other peer support resources, including a complete Peer Support Manual from Ability360 on our IL-NET on-demand webpage at https://www.ilru.org/topics/peer-counseling-peer-support.
Sharon Finney
If you would like to share this training on-demand with your colleagues, it will be available within the next 48 hours. You can view the training on the ILRU website @ https://www.ilru.org/training/get-core-it-peer-support-best-practices-cil-core-services
Tim Fuchs
Yes, absolutely. You can access it at the link that Sharon Finney just shared.
Sharon Finney
Martha...the PowerPoint was sent with the confirmation from NCIL and will be available on the on-demand page @ https://www.ilru.org/training/get-core-it-peer-support-best-practices-cil-core-services
Sharon Finney
This will be online on the ilru.org site and you can go search peer support