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Town Hall Series: APA Presidential Task Force on Social Determinants of Mental Health - Part 1- Clinical Practice, Research, and Education - Shared screen with speaker view
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Thank you all for joining us tonight! If you have questions please submit them to the Q&A box.
James Potash
Many thanks to Dr. Pender for setting this in motion and to Drs. Jeste, Liu, and Malaspina for these superb presentations. I have wondered whether some of the concepts and skills of the sociologist and/or cultural anthropologist would have value in psychiatric training. Do you think that element should be introduced into residency experiences to better prepare psychiatrists to get a handle on social determinants of mental health? Or are there other disciplines that we need to draw on to have a more sophisticated structural understanding?
Francis Lu
Francis Lu, Chair of the Clinical Workgroup. My email address is francislumd@gmail.com for comments and questions.
Dr. Vivian Pender