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Wondering about Back to School? Ask individual districts or schools how they are addressing the reopening of school. - Shared screen with speaker view
Judy Dunmire
If you have questions for all attendees, please select "all panelists and attendees" and type those here. Use Q&A when you have questions that you would like the panel to answer in addition to those that were proposed in advance.
Judy Dunmire
Susan Jobe - will you reiterate what you said about counseling available for staff?
Susan Jobe
Sure! Employee Assistance Benefits through New Directions Behavioral Health offers 6 free counseling sessions to school employees. 1-877-300-9103 New Directions Behavioral Health (mental, emotional, financial counseling, etc)
Duane Clayton
Our district does the same. Some places offer 10 free sessions.
Susan Jobe
I would suggest also checking with the providers for your district for specific benefits available to you in your area. :)
Judy Dunmire
Don't measure progress by how many questions that are still left to answer; measure by how many questions have been answered. We tend to focus on what's left instead of what we've accomplished. Celebrate your wins!