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EEC Advisory Council - Shared screen with speaker view
Colleen O'Brien
Hi Colleen O'Brien From Mass Early Intervention Consortium. Sorry, having Microphone issues with this computer.
Jocelyn Bowne
Here's the link
Jocelyn Bowne
Jocelyn Bowne
Passcode: 728063
Jocelyn Bowne
13017158592,,92159330082# for those that can only call in
Sheila O’Neil
It is really important to think about funding being associated with child outcomes and what that may look like for programs who focus on low income families
Jennifer Aldworth
Marites, great point....it would have been good to have questions ahead of meeting to discuss with our organizations.
Jennifer Aldworth
Laura, great point....we are trying to figure our how to pay a higher hourly rate now....or how we can pay staff for a five day week but only work four (of course we need access to enough quality staff in addition to funding)
Carol Nolan
Thank you for considering the Head Start model as we think about what financing models we could look at and learn from!
Jennifer Aldworth
Agreed Amy...We are so concerned about sustainability in this environment....meeting BS, AS, during school and food insecurity needs.
Sheila O’Neil
So beautifully stated Sam- thank you for your leadership
Carol Rubin
A new financial model is so interrelated to other macro systems: parent/child usage and the economy (of course). A new financial model would have to be accompanied with a significant parent information campaign to address parents’ anxieties/ fears/ concerns.
Amy O'Leary
SFC released the parent survey data last week - http://www.strategiesforchildren.org/COVID-19/BR_ParentSurvey_SFCpressrelease.pdf
Laura Perille
Beth Ann, agreed that the programs still surviving may not make it for much longer without increased funding - only for as long as they can fund deficits. At a minimum, for the large subsidized providers, continuing to cover the parent co-pay fees beyond the current commitment only through October is a basic and necessary first step.
Amy O'Leary
Survey of 599 parents in MA in August.
Amy O'Leary
Hannah - you can see in the parent survey. "• The main factor behind the drop in childcare utilization: in the shadow of coronavirus, parents are concerned about their children’s and their own safety: 81% say a child’s health is a major factor when deciding on childcare arrangements for the fall."
Amy O'Leary
Thank you for all the information and data. It would be helpful to have a set of questions we should be asking to help inform decisions. We are happy to help!