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NEUR MS-7 - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Thomas (he/him/his)
If agents have intrinsic bias, you could represent that with non symmetric thresholds or non symmetric initial conditions. Is there a difference between these two ways of introducing bias?
Rubin, Jonathan E
Have you looked at all at heterogeneity in how influential the agents are?
James MacLaurin
Could this be used to study the propagation of misinformation on social media?
Jonathan Touboul
Few hasty agents lead to efficient decisions - does a bunch of the slow agent balances that or hasty agents are enoug to make decisions efficient?
James MacLaurin
Thanks Zach!
James MacLaurin
Did you use population density equations to take the continuum limit of the oscillators?
Anmar Khadra, Dr.
when noise is zero, what was the coupling strength and were there substructures forming that at the network level not very obvious?
Peter Thomas (he/him/his)
In the case of the relaxation oscillators, how does the separation of time scales come in? Would you see a different result with, say, Stuart-Landau oscillators?
Jonathan Touboul
Amazing talk! Did you study how should heterogeneity scale compared to the coupling and the input strength?
James MacLaurin
Thanks Hermann - great talk!!
Peter Thomas (he/him/his)
In the finite dimensional case, you can define the phase for piecewise deterministic Markov process oscillators in terms of an eigenfunction of the generator with complex eigenvalues. Can one write down a generator for the Grill-Julicher mitotic spindle oscillation model?
James MacLaurin
Interesting results!! Are any of these results evident from 1d ring models (for which presumably its much easier to get analytic solutions)? Also can Large Deviations be used to explain the transitions between states (due to finite-size effects)?
Zachary Kilpatrick (he/him/his)
Very cool! Is it possible then to perform some kind of timescale separation in which the potential changes slowly and the transition of neurons in rapid? This might give a reduced (2 or 3d) stochastic model in which the variables are the potential and the number of pioneers/followers.
Anmar Khadra, Dr.
can't you get these results associated with the effect of noise using the firing threshold of the model. this can be combined with the number of neurons and noise intensity.
James MacLaurin
Thanks Jonathan - great talk!
James MacLaurin
Thanks to everybody (and the organizers). I need to go now
Zahra Aminzare
Thank you, James
Zachary Kilpatrick (he/him/his)
OK, great, thanks! Think the question was premature!
Victor Matveev
Thanks to all for great talks!
Hermann Riecke
Thanks everyone . was a great session.
Zachary Kilpatrick (he/him/his)
Thanks Zahra and Vaibhav for organizing!