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Repairs and Renovations – What is Essential and What Isn’t: In and Out of the Age of COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Gregory Warren
Would a “limited equity Coop” be considered “afforable housing”? Keeping in mind that the purpose, and equation of a “limited equity coop” is affordable housing.
Deborah Koplovitz
For limited equity co-ops where incoming shareholders have to enter into a regulatory agreement with low income provisions I believe it qualifies.
Deborah Koplovitz
Same with Mitchell Lama
Sam Kingsley
Are there regulations for move-ins and move-outs like there are for construction?
Rebecca Zanes
HPD is continuing to issue violations, can we assume correction of these is "essential"? As no permitting is required for many violation repairs (painting/floor repairs, etc) would a permit for essential work be needed?