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NH Special Education Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Catherine Woods
Putting the "I" in IEP first and foremost!
Georgia Caron
Having almost all of the kids in the district coming to ‘live school’! They’re all so happy!
Colleen Sliva
we are providing in person instruction with safety measures in place- we are creatively planning for events that would typically be large group gatherings
Kathy Courtois
It is super exciting to have the majority of our students back to in person instructions!
Melissa McKeon
I have been sitting in compensatory education meetings looking at data that students did make expected progress on their IEP goals.
Shelly Fagen
Our Art and Music teachers are creating engaging and exciting video lessons that 1:1s help the students participate in
Marcia Bagley
some of our students in remote learning are showing more success remotely than in person
Susan Merrell
Who is the DOE consultant responsible for Educational Surrogates?
Melissa McKeon
Also, I nice silver lining to remote services over the summer was that we did not have any absences. Students were logging in at their camps or at the homes of families in other states they were visiting.
Shelli Roberts
We are recruiting staff members to share their special talents with students on scheduled days in lieu of field trips
Mike Hatfield
Are you able to resend the UDL Certificate information out?
Colleen Sliva
also we have managed to develop safe procedures for in person evaluation
Catherine Woods
will this presentation slide deck be sent out to us?
Susan Merrell
I learned on the Equitable Services Zoom this week that CIM will include monitoring of Parentally Placed. Can you talk more about that? Will the grid used for monitoring of Parentally Placed go out to the field?
Jeanette Souther - Portsmouth
if parents don't decline with a signature, etc but simply do not access or provide the student to get the student is that considered declining?
Kathy Courtois
If a student is still remote and parents have requested that the decision regarding compensatory services be made after he is able to return to in-person instructions, what happens if the student does not return until after Nov. 15.?
Mary Ellen
Jennifer.f.doris@doe.nh.gov 271-3750
Susan Merrell
Thank you for resending memo
Colleen Sliva
we prescreen the evaluator, health and temp screen both the student and evaluator on the day of, masks and distancing for both in a setting set up for distancing, clean before and after
Pam Stimpson
That is not one of our questions
Kathy Courtois
Thank you
Helen Rist
These funds have been mentioned several times. What will be the process for accessing them? What data will be needed? Will all districts be eligible?
Jennifer Pomykato
Becky, thank you for offering to attend regional meetings (and for the directions on the website)
Janet Reed
Thank you!