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NYTHP: Providing Mental Health and Addictions Support during COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
hi everyone - I will need to leave (quietly) at 530 for another meeting, I am thankful for the time that I have to be with all of you - it is wonderful to see everyone's smiling faces.
North York Toronto Health Partners
If anyone has any questions during our webinar, please feel free to utilize the chat function. We will also have time for questions at the end of our webinar today.
Dylan de la Riviere
is iOAT or 'safe supply' available?
Professor Steve Lurie
also Big White Wall provides great peer support
North York Toronto Health Partners
Feel free to ask any questions for any of our panelists as we will soon enter a Q&A period.
Sara Kirkup
are referrals accepted from only Primary Care Physicains
Maria Martinez
At the Aphasia Institute, today we lost our 1st client to Covid-19. We are providing services virtually but as we work with population at risk so I assume we will see some deaths in our community, how can we help support our staff and other clients/volunteers cope with this loss?
May hope to address this at our webinar this Thursday on provider wellbeing with Dr. Perera
North York Toronto Health Partners
As a reminder, the recording and slides from today's presentation will be posted shortly after today's session at www.northyorktorontohealthpartners.ca
Professor Steve Lurie
will you send out the link to thrusday's webinar?