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SSBS Diversity Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Behavioral Health 1
Behavioral Health 1
Attendees: We will have time for verbal questions at the end, but please also feel free to put written questions here in the chat.
Bethany Hager
No questions at this time. Thank you for your presentation on such an important topic.
Carina Benson
Where I am in MInneapolis, there is a strip where there are many NA on drugs and such. Is there a mandate to help mitigate this ?
Behavioral Health 1
Great question, Natalie!
Carina Benson
Safe drug use as opposed to trying to divert them from drug use? think that we should have a team of mental health experts to address this. As a missionary, I go to that area to provide food, drinks and masks but I do not see anything being done to actually address the main problem which is mental illness.
Carina Benson
I came in a bit late-- may I get the contact info of the speaker for the presentation? Should I course thru Natalie?
Behavioral Health 1
Dr. Ezra Lockhart <enslockhart@gmail.com>
Yanni Gallagher
I grew up in American Southwest and some of my fondest memories was playing on the reservation.
Yanni Gallagher
My parents supported many tribes, and help where they can. I know you were saying that partially mental health. What mental health resources have been supplied to American Natives.
Carina Benson
Thank you. Agree with changing the narrative because as a descendant of headhunters, my narrative is completely different. It changed in one generation.
Carina Benson
My great grandfather was the last chieftain of headhunters up north in the Philippines but his children got educated and their lives changed. Will be in touch. Thanks.