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Finance series – Webinar 3: Setting 2020-1 budgets - Shared screen with speaker view
Chris Nicholls
Please put your questions in here for the panel to answer
Michael Johnson
DfE contacted us yesterday to arrange to visit us next week to review our condition survey so we are hoping that will lead to us getting some of the £200m
Trevor Shaw
Is there any definition of capital for the £200m capital, could it include IT and software?
Steve Campion
Hi, 2 questions on the £200m capital 1) Is it likely to exclude those in intervention / recovery phase? 2) I'm assuming no match funding element from colleges?
Asad Shah
Are there any guidelines available for different categories of expenditure in IFM to be clear the spend lies under which category of expenditure, I though this was provided under Financial Planning handbook but I couldn't find it. Thanks
Chris Knell
As much as we might want capital investment, should we be spending on capital ahead of an uncertain spring 2021
David Hunter
Re the July return, what do. the revenue numbers in the cash flow headings relate to? Also, is there an email address where we can direct questions W
Graham Gerrard
Which line should TPS Grant appear in on Financial Health
derek sharp
Santander have discussed having a Covid adjusted calculation for potential covenant breach so it is a one year calculation and will not cause any audit issues
Paul Davies
The reference numbers relate back to the old finance plan
John Williams
Lloyds and Santander have agreed similar waivers for us based on Covid situation. As waivers need to be in place before year end, colleges should have asked for them already for this year to allow time for them to go through the banks credit process and be agreed in time.
Ian Rule
IFMC strangely has TPS Grant under 'Other Income' not grants
Michael Johnson
We were successful with the first round of provider relief but the ESFA capped it based on non-levy contract
David Hunter
Does the Exceptional COVID non-pay expenditure need to show savings or actual expenditure?
Chris Knell
Things like IT and Cleaning costs one assumes
Jane Bailey
What will the Exceptional COVID information be used for?
Chris Knell
Thank you