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Updated: Growing Food, Eating Fresh... Find out How! The Sheffield Land Trust's 23rd Annual Winter Lecture - Shared screen with speaker view
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Welcome! We are just waiting for more people to join us. We have 119 people registered and 75 signed on.
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Thanks Constance. In this webinar all attendees are automatically muted, so no problem there.
Liz Hobby
I can see it.
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Some suggestions are to exit full screen to be able to see more controls to get to the slides if they are not visible.
Office Sheffield Land Trust
One option is from panelists is Spun Bond non woven crop cover
Office Sheffield Land Trust
We are collecting all the questions from the Q&A and Chat and will answer them at the end. Also those who are raising their hands.
sari hoy
To measure how much water we receive in a week put a container in the ground where precipitation is not blocked by trees or overhang and not in too bright sun where it will evaporate. you can literally put a ruler inside the container to measure how much rain fell. Make sur container is stable
Mark Phillips, he/his, Berkshire Ag Ventures
For any questions about fermentation or Berkshire Ag Ventures feel free to email at mark@berkshireagventures.org
Margaret Moulton - Berkshire Grown
Website for Berkshire Grown is www.berkshiregrown.org
Will Conklin - Greenagers
Website for Greenagers: www.greenagers.org