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VALUE4HER TalkCorner - Shared screen with gallery view
Dan Durett
Good morning from Salisbury, NC.. Glad to be able to attend this most important event. Seeking to expand my knowledge on this issue of women & agriculture. and then share with others here in the Diaspora.
Sabdiyo Dido - Head, Gender & Inclusiveness, AGRA
welcome all for this captivating segment of TalkCorner, feel free to introduce yourselves, we are happy to know who is on the call and how we can collaborate going forward
Lucy Msukwa
Hie everyone, I am Lucy Msukwa Founder of Uchembere Wabwino Maternity company limited. I am into Health. Especially Reproductive health. I am here to get some good insights to Agri business
Towera Jalakasi - Managing Director, Naturals Limited
Lucy Msukwa
Thank you Towera
Dan Durett
Dan Durett, President & Founder of the African, Pan-African Health Alliance & Collaborative. Deeply committed to strengthening and enhancing the presence of women in agriculture. We are awaiting registration approval by the Nigerian government. APAHAC is in the process of building its capacity and presence both in African and the Pan-African Diaspora. We are focused on Health, Agriculture, Environment, and Manufacturing. Here to learn! ddurett@apahac.com
Eric Listening Owl Mitchell
Indigenous Women are the predominant tillers of the soil, keepers of traditional agricultural customs and preservers of heirloom seeds globally. Please speak about the importance of the continuing role of women in preserving traditional knowledge and food sovereignty.
Dan Durett
My sister Towera, I am so inspired by your words, determination, and example. Please continue to stay strong and healthy! Your work and that of AGRA is most important.
Eric Listening Owl Mitchell
Excellent! You've just answered my intended question of whether there were plans to start your own bank.
Dan Durett
good question Dr. Wanjiru
Eric Listening Owl Mitchell
Another exceptional AGRA session. Thank you for the words of wisdom, insights and passion. This is important for women entrepreneurs and the men in their lives.
Fannie Gondwe
Awesome session. Thanks Towera, for sharing your story, we keep learning
Dr Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg - Director - AWAR
Thank you for the honor of being a part of this session.
Lucy Msukwa
Thank you so much, remember to share the link
Dan Durett
Sister Towera, you are excellent role model. And yes, another great AGRA event!
Antoinette Sallah
Thanks for all