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AMSPDC Research Committee Sponsored Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Felix Richter
Feel like it's hard to evaluate these things over zoom. Something I've found challenging when interviewing med students for our residency
Andrew Cox
Can you speak to your first hire and what things are different when it is just you making the decision on starting your team?
Felix Richter
How do you decide on expectations and timeline for expectations? I have trouble finding a balance between being too vague and too specific
Felix Richter
How has interviewing evaluation and following expectations changed in the era of zoom/covid? Thanks!
Jacquelyn Lajiness
Thank you for a great talk. I was curious if you could share some insight on how you lead your team through transitions such as when a team member leaves the lab or the team dynamic needs to be restructured slightly.
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Sallie Permar
Great to see everyone! Thank you Terry for the insight!
Roxana Delgado-Martinez
Thanks everyone!