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Crisis Services and Diversion: How State and Local Partnerships Can Make a Difference- Community of Practice Intimate Dialogue - Gallery view
Bailey Reeves
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Dean Clickner
Dean Clickner, Director, Warren Washington Rose House/People USA, Glens Falls, NY
Holly O'Donnell / Bazelon Center (she / her)
Great to see everyone. Thanks for joining Part 2. We are grateful to all the presenters and organizers.
Laura Van Tosh
Laura Van ToshConvener
Laura Van Tosh
Mental Health Policy RoundtableSeattle, WA
Itzel Ruiz
Hello everyone! Itzel Ruiz - Wellness Counselor - Mental Health Association in Ulster County.
Bailey Reeves
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Kelle Masten (NASMHPD)
As Dr. McGregor mentioned, there will be time for Q&A after the last presentation. Please type your question in the chat or feel free to raise your hand and Dr. McGregor will call on you to unmute your line. We look forward to your participation today and thank you for joining!
Rena Finkelstein
What is your population and georgraphical area you cover with your 6 t o be 7 teams? (for Vania)
Douglas Hovey, CEO
Vania, how many per diem and full time (or part time) employees do you have per team?
Teresa Etcheberry
What training programs are available for this type of work?
Helen Rider
approximately how many calls do your crisis teams respond to on a daily or weekly basis? Esp in the rural areas?
Lewis Bossing | Bazelon Center (he/him/his)
How have your communities worked with 911 to ensure that calls are routed to the appropriate responder? Are 911 call operators trained in trauma-informed care or harm reduction principles?
Rena Finkelstein
When you go with police as co- responders who goes in first? How do you handle that?
Lewis Bossing | Bazelon Center (he/him/his)
For Dawn and Brad, have your states been planning for changes to mobile crisis services as part of the changes to 988? What do your states have planned for 988?
Jennifer Lav (she/her) National Health Law Program
For Dawn, Che, and Vania--have you set timeliness standards/goals for response time? And if so, what are they, how did you set them, and do they vary by geographic area or other criteria?
Jalyn Radziminski
Thank you so much Laura
Rena Finkelstein
Where do the responders start out from? Is there a centeral office or do others start out from their homes?
Douglas Hovey, CEO
Vania, can you tell us what your budget costs are for 7 teams covering 24/7? and do you use per diems or full time employees?
Vania Mendoza (RAMS/SCRT)
Thank you to everyone!! Happy to share any and all info :)
Sasha Ellis (she/her) Bay Area Legal Aid
thank you all!
Rena Finkelstein
Thanks so much. It's wonderful to hearfrom people who are already using these crisis response teams.
Brenda Spurlock
Very informative, THANK YOU