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APPD/APA PHM Leadership SIG Confronting Racism Virtual Cafe - Shared screen with speaker view
Worker Bee
Last year we focused on diversity in recruitment, this year the shiny object of focus has been microaggressions. We need to be careful to not let the DEI and R efforts get educed to gratuitous mantras, but to continue to address the broad scope of issues and the spectrum of complexity involved in true progress. How about feelings of being a token participants, feelings of isolation and loneliness etc.? We can do more than one shiny object at a time.
Ed Zalneraitis
We are all expected to state our Aims in the annual accreditation. Our rank scores have been redesigned to reflect the evidence that an applicant shares our interests and aims.
Matt Kapklein (he/they)
We sometimes use interviews as opportunities for applicants to discuss or explain aspects of their application. It seems like this would be hard with blinded interviews. How would you get around this?
Ed Zalneraitis
We need consider the so called "hybrid" model of in person and virtual interviews. Does the one in person interviewer get an advantage over the virtual interviewer? Who is more likely to do virtual interviews due to lack of resources? Who is more likely to be able to afford to interview in person? Is the hybrid model oppressive?
Becky Blankenburg
@Lahia, thank you for raising this! Definitely need to focus on inclusion, belonging, mentoring, and sponsoring as we are also focusing on recruiting.
Ed Zalneraitis
DEI or DEI and R are not all one thing. They each need their own understanding and attention.
Lahia Yemane, MD [she/her]
@ Matt: good question! Some do hybrid of structure vs non-structured questions. Its also good to have at least 2-3 interviews to get different perspectives and we have some interviewers that are blinded/no file vs with some elements of file
Tatiana Ndjatou (she/her)
Yes! so happy my clinic day ended a bit early 😊
Lahia Yemane, MD [she/her]
@ Ed: virtual vs in-person interviews is an important question as there are def pros for virtual from an equity standpoint, but also a big leap for folks to commit to move somewhere they may have never been to in-person. easier to think about when either/or but need to think about hybrid and how that will bias programs into thinking an applicant “likes” them more to commit to coming for an in-person. Hope to see some studies about this post-match!
Ed Zalneraitis
The alternative would be need-based subsidies for all to be in person without hardship.
Lahia Yemane, MD [she/her]
^ yes. There are some articles that bring up how financial hardship should be incorporated at the GME level like UME.
Becky Blankenburg
Please fill out the session evaluation to give us feedback: uthtmc.az1.qualtrics.com
Francisco Alvarez
Finding ways to hardwire any changes and/or adjustments could be one way to maintain focus (I.e. part of annual bonus metrics, hospital dashboards that included equity metrics, etc..)
Becky Blankenburg
Sorry -- that link for the evaluation isn't working -- we will find another to share.
Gabrielle Balan
We do a pseudo blinded interview cycle where the other interviewers aren’t given the whole packet. We also assign specific questions derived from a book about southwest employees and then we have some free floating questions.
Meredith Carter
I like the personal statement only approach... it's the applicant's only true voice in the application
APPD/Rosemary Haynes
Evaluation link: https://uthtmc.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bj6DQ9QQZM5IqTb
Pat Poitevien (she/her)
We provide CV, ERAS application, Personal Statement and LOR's. No MSPE. No Step scores.
Ed Zalneraitis
The problem is we cannot move the rock alone, but need institutional collaboration with people who really share our aims and help build the infrastructure for change. Are the institutions ready to really put resources and effort into what we are trying to do. Or is their just lip service in politically correct declarations. There is a strong tendency to lip service over true action.
Sybil Pentsil
As we talk about equity in recruiting residents and faculty, we have to also think about how we view IMG vs US MD vs DO, graduates of community hospitals vs academic centers, etc.
Pat Poitevien (she/her)
Have to jump off - Thanks so much Lahia and Samir!
APPD/Rosemary Haynes
Session Evaluation link: https://uthtmc.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bj6DQ9QQZM5IqTb
Francisco Alvarez
Thank you both!
Ed Zalneraitis
The CEO is far more likely to listen to proposals that reach beyond our individual programs. It can't be just about 65 residents and 250 faculty. It has to be about 4000 employees and the impact for all.
Jacqueline Walker
Thanks to the organizers, moderator, and speakers! Fantastic all around.
Emma Omoruyi
Excellent presentation! Thank you both!
Lahia Yemane, MD [she/her]
^ yes, Ed. We have advisory board that includes hospital CEO
Jamie Pinto
Thank-you so much that was great!
Sybil Pentsil
Thank you!
Kristin Ray
Thank you for an outstanding session, outstanding presentations.
molly rose elkins-ryan
excellent work and thanks for sharing!