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Executive Funders Circle Meeting 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Ana Sáiz
Excellent presentation, I have to go, but count on me!
Ana Sáiz
Will stay until 1
Chris Wells
Great to see you, Ana!
Ana Sáiz
Chris, I owe you an answer :(. Great to see you!
Rudy Brioché
Thank you Executive Funders. As you can see, the work of Roots and Racine is developing in very meaningful and impactful ways. Your continued support for this great work matters and will make a difference in the empowerment of individuals, particularly women, and La Gonave.
Ana Sáiz
Thanks Louino, After 8.5 years working with Haiti, I totally agree that the problem is not money...
Ana Sáiz
Great to see you all!
Chris Wells
I want to echo Rudy’s thanks to the Executive Funders. Their support provides a foundation for Rasin’s efforts on La Gonave, which, as discussed, are empowering many to create a positive future for the island. In a world troubled by challenges, Rasin shines a bright light into an inspiring future.
Ernest Voyard Jr
I need to hop off. Thank you Executive Funders!
Magalie Pradel
We are grateful for the Executive Funders, thank you so much!