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Discussion on Funder Collaboration for COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Alan Kwok - NCG
Hi everyone, please feel free to type your questions here (in the chat box). Thank you!
Alan Kwok - NCG
Please type your questions here! (additionally, link to response funds and resources for funders are located here: https://www.philanthropyca.org/covid-19-response)
Amanda Andere She/Hers
Here is our full analysis of the relief package included is our COVID relief page https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/funderstogether/pages/5390/attachments/original/1585306785/3.26.20_COVID19_Update.pdf?1585306785
Shirin Vakharia
Question to NCG team: have there been any estimates/modeling of financial needs for each of the Bay Area counties? Not just using applications in the door but looking at population data to be able to estimate impact and need?
Lauren Wolkov
Thank you Jennifer for the amazing work that you and your colleagues are doing.
Catherine Crystal Foster
Santa Clara County did a telethon on Saturday. Is that a useful model? Corporations and foundations put in money to kick it off.
Melissa Stafford Jones
Are there funders on the call working to bridge people to UI as Jennifer mentioned that would be interested in sharing their approaches now or offline?
Jess Thacher
Would love to see the BCG analysis. Could NCG get this so Jennifer isn't overwhelmed with requests?
Alan Kwok - NCG
Hi Jess, yes, we will be in touch with BCG for its analysis.
Amanda Andere She/Hers
Here is analysis done by National Alliance to End Homelessness on homelessness needs by county https://endhomelessness.org/resource/estimated-emergency-and-observational-quarantine-bed-need-for-the-us-homeless-population-related-to-covid-19-exposure-by-county-projected-hospitalizations-intensive-care-units-and-mortality/
Amanda Andere She/Hers
And this is the interactive dashboard https://tomhbyrne.shinyapps.io/covid19_homeless_dashboard/
claire solot
For those who fund in SF, check out the Eviction Defense Collaborative (evictiondefense.org) . EDC provides rental assistance for SF tenants and is overseeing Prop F (tenant right to counsel).
sami iwata
Thank you, Amanda, for the great resources.
Catherine Crystal Foster
Would be great to see exactly who received grants from Tipping Point and at what amounts. We’re trying to track money flows and gaps, so donors can fill gaps.
Laura Escobar
Season of Sharing relaxed some of their criteria so that low-income workers affected by COVID-19 could be assisted. I am most worried about Alameda County as they do not have a strong network of fianancial assistance agencies like Santa Clara and San Mateo. Catholic Charities East Bay has a rental asssitance program, but they cannot handle the whole load. Anyone funding financial assistance efforts in Alameda besides CCEB??
Melissa Stafford Jones
East Bay Community Foundation has a response fund focused on direct financial assistance in Alameda and Contra Costa counties
Laura Escobar
There is also a Solano County funders group - Solano County is often the forgotten, under resourced Bay Area county....if anyone needs contact or ideas for Solano. let me know. Many of our low-income folks live in Solano.
Allison Magee
The City of Oakland has also established a fund. https://www.oaklandca.gov/news/2020/mayor-schaaf-generous-donors-establish-the-oakland-covid-19-relief-fund-to-serve-most-vulnerable-residents-and-first-responders
Shirin Vakharia
For Solano County: First 5 Solano has been active in the past with efforts to bring philanthropic investment to that County.
sami iwata
https://tippingpoint.org/what-we-do/initiatives/covid-19 - grantees
Katherine Clements
GiveDirectly is raising funds to provide direct cash assistance to families; they have the payments infrastructure to get money to people immediately (including undocumented and unbanked). More info on their Bay Area effort is here: https://www.givedirectly.org/covid-19/bay-area/
Shirin Vakharia
Mission Asset Fund also has capacity and interest in supporting direct cash assistance
Melissa Stafford Jones
The Lesher Foundation, where I”m from, is also making small grants to several of our nonprofit partners that work with the most vulnerable and economically fragile families, including the undocumented, that they can use to sustain their work with families and provide direct financial assistance if that is what’s needed. For those eligible for federal benefits, we are also working with partners to find out how we can support them in helping people apply for UI and other federal benefits.
Padmini Parthasarathy
SaverLife is providing cash relief through it's platform.
Katherine Clements
GiveDirectly is also able to partner with organizations that have raised funds for direct cash assistance to provide backend payments infrastructure. We are looking to partner with other funders interested in supporting direct cash assistance, please get in touch if this might be of interest.
claire solot
For those interested in funding undocumented folks, check out GCIR.org. The original Undocufund started in Sonoma, but many new funds in other regions are being created.
Padmini Parthasarathy
Yes, Oakland, SF and Contra Costa now have funds for undocumented people.
Alan Kwok - NCG
Padmini Parthasarathy
SaverLife can also provide back-end infrastructure to nonprofits who would like to give out cash
Catherine Crystal Foster
We’re collecting info, too, but just about Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Would love to share. We are trying to identify gaps for individual donors and family foundations. Also let us know if you will share info about your local COVID grants. We don
Catherine Crystal Foster
We don’t make grants ourselves
sami iwata
For Jennifer: can you share more info on the rent waiver proposal? how would that be funded, who would apply to?
Alan Kwok - NCG
Alan Kwok - NCG
Thank you everyone! Our next COVID-19 call on nonprofit resiliency is scheduled for next Monday (4/13) at 11:00am. https://ncg.org/events/discussion-funder-collaboration-covid-19-3
Amanda Andere She/Hers
Info about our weekly calls http://www.funderstogether.org/covid_19_resources_for_funders