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WorkPride: Inclusiveness - Bi Inclusion - Shared screen with speaker view
Chelsea Ziegler
Hi all! I'm unable to hear anything, any advice?
Kenneth Cameron
Hello from Seattle, Washington
Jacqueline Champlin-Smith
Hi from Tulsa, OK!
Kamini Rathnayake
Sri Lanka! 🇱🇰
Ele Brown
Hi from Birmingham UK :)
Hannah Wood
london UK
Kevin Brunk
greetings from San Antonio, TX!
Jo Chambers-Grant
Hi from Bath, UK
Hilde Vossen
Hi from The Netherlands :-D
Jo Chambers-Grant
Hi Kevin Brunk from San Antonio! My wife lives in the UK now, but is from Abilene!
John G
Hi from London, hi Anato and Harry and others I know there
John G
There are plenty of bi people who previously identified as gay/lesbian
Hannah Wood
those of us who previously identified as gay/lesbian are going back in the closet
Laila El-Metoui
We may also need to remember how difficult it is for bi people seeking asylum in the UK who are told by the home office that they can just go home and marry someone from the opposite sex …
Laila El-Metoui
It’s important for lesbians like myself to be supportive of bi / trans and other sexual orientation and gender identities / allyship is what helps eradicate prejudice and discrimination
Jen Yockney
I <3 labels they help us understand each other - I'd say it is the stigma we attach to them we need to shake off such as the false idea "bi" is trans exclusionary
Jenovia Laher
being bi is ALWAYS considered as or like the first perception of someone being bi is that they are confused
Abigail Raymond
I find Sanchia's story really relatable - many in my previous workplace assumed I was either a very enthusiastic ally and not a member of the LGBT+ community because my spouse presented as male or started to whisper about my orientation because I was involved in LGBT+ organizations
Denise Derbyshire
Sanchia’s experiences strike a chord with me; I’m a straight female with a bi male partner, we are in a happy and exclusive relationship and yet I’ve been called a wierdo, a fag hag and have had people say they feel sorry for me for being with a man who isn’t straight…. We laugh it off but those attitudes are really damaging!
Hannah Wood
I know not all bi people are polyamorous but some are and it’s even more difficult to talk about having more than one partner.
Pamela Vallejos
It is very frustrating that the inclusion of bisexual people is seen as optional or not important.
Jo Chambers-Grant
Bi people are the biggest part of the LGBT community. That just really struck me. It's obvious, but I know I've been missing that.
Jen Yockney
Backed up by research Jo! But we are so used to being marginalised we don't realise it
Jen Yockney
For folx in the UK as well as BiPride you can link up with local bi social & support organisations in your area (many meeting online during covid) - see www.bicommunitynews.co.uk/local-groups - which give space for face to face conversations of the kind Anato was talking about earlier
John G
Denise, I know Lewis Oakley girlfriend/fiance also has had significant abuse from friends even for same reason.
John G
fetishized especially women. suffer much higher sexual violence than lesbian or straight women.
Jo Chambers-Grant
Thanks Jen!
Hannah Wood
even when you try to be out you get erased - I wear bi badges and have a bi pride flag on my desk, yet I was still assumed to be straight because I have a child and a male ex
Denise Derbyshire
Thanks John I’ll look her up - people seem to think it’s ok to be discriminatory towards bi people but not towards gay or lesbian people….
Isabella Silvers
Have you seen engagement from your network in making tangible change within the workplace, or is it more of a social and safe space?
John G
Biscuit, Bisexual Index, Bi Pride UK, BiPhoria, etc. Jen's wonderful bi community news site has links to all kinds of resources. I've also done a couple talks at work and community gay/lgbt groups before in London as a bi man but others in those groups way more experienced.
John G
40% ish of trans people are bi+
Hannah Wood
London Bi Pandas
John G
yep them too ^^^
Jen Yockney
Bi Community News is a print magazine as well as website - when Covid is behind us physical resources like that, Bi Women Quarterly or Getting Bi In A Gay / Straight World are great for bi or LGBT stalls so that people have something to carry away, give to a friend etc.
Hazel Lobo
absolutely so does labor and not just on the community
Parisha Bhattarai
Thanks for such an insightful webinar
Alastair Smith-Weston
thank you all
Denise Derbyshire
Thank you everyone! As Chloe said, be kind to each other x
Bohdan Zrobok
thank you!
Clément Guillen
thank you !
Kevin Brunk
thank you very much! very informaitonal