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Putting Voters First: Democratic Reforms - Shared screen with speaker view
Cathy Copeland
Welcome! We will get started shortly, but please feel free to ask questions here in the Chat or through the Q&A at any point.
Cathy Copeland
You should be able to post through the chat at any point.
Cathy Copeland
Question: Do you think we should move to ranked choice voting for national elections?
Cathy Copeland
You can place questions in the Chat or via Q&A; you can see all questions in the Q&A and "vote"/like the ones that interest you.
Cathy Copeland
Which state has the highest % of early voters?
Felice Nudelman
What impact will the recent Supreme Court ruling on Wisconsin have on the general election?
Erik Schmeller
Does Colorado have a Civics requirement? In Tennessee there is no such middle-school/high school requirement, and I wonder if that has impacted our state's apparent lack of interest in expanding voting access among certain politicians.
Cathy Copeland
We have a workshop tomorrow (Thurs, 10/29 from 12-1pm on "Helping Students Navigate the Post Election" register here at: bit.ly/31HH7Zd
Erik Schmeller
Thank you everyone! Very interesting.