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SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy - Shared screen with speaker view
Nathanael Tan
Hello hello! Great to be back! :D
Ninna Holm
Welcome everyone, slides will be shared afterwards along with a recording
Peter Faaborg-Andersen
Hi All, looking forward to an interesting session. Feel free to connect as you see fit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-faaborg-andersen/
Nathanael Tan
Hello Peter and all, my area of expertise is urban mobility and public transport - feel free to connect with me as well if you'd like! I think it's pretty obvious to know why I'm here ;)https://www.linkedin.com/in/NatIsrael972
Nathanael Tan
Question for Rainmaking: Have our suggestions for the compass which have been brought up in the previous session been implemented yet? :)
Ninna Holm
If you are interested in playing around with the SDG Compass, then you can access it here: https://rainmaking.io/impact/compass-impact-sustainability-full/
Ninna Holm
@Nathanael Tan - thanks for the question. We have all of the great suggestions lined up, and we are going through and building out the main SDG Compass as we deep dive into the individual ‘slices’ (SDG 7 and 12 so far, next one SDG 11). As we go along we will be building out the main Compass too.
Carsten Brinck
Hi Nathanael, The associated map in the tab will give a overview of what ecosystem the startups are from, which was a direct ask from the first webinar. We are also looking at making the analysis more optimized for deep diving on specific startups and segments from a qualitative perspective.We're still keen on getting input on what create value for whom regarding the compass.
Nathanael Tan
I see there's no zoom function yet but hope to see that soon so we can see the companies' names side-by-side! :D
Ninna Holm - Rainmaking
Hi Nathanael, if you click on ‘Map’ in the Compass you can see a list of the companies in each country. In the specific SDG Compass tools there is a deeper dive of data in the dashboard
Nathanael Tan
Oh no Ninna, I mean in the radar, so we can see their respective SDGs :)
Ninna Holm - Rainmaking
Great suggestion Nathanael, we will note that down, and put it on the list of things to build into the tool. Thanks for the suggestion 👍
Nathanael Tan
Yeah it's quite difficult to discover the different companies without being distracted by other information you don't need to see at that point in time so I really hope that a zoom function can make the tool easier to use! :)
Thomas Alisi
some quick feedback on the compass, hope this helps: when I select a funding key in the legend, it would be useful to be able to only select companies that are in the selected filter, which doesn't seem to happen and makes the selection quite hard. Also, not sure how data is sourced, but would be good to have it linked to outer sources, such as Crunchbase, to reinforce connections and avoid outdating
Peter Faaborg-Andersen
Small example from my Nilfisk/ Novozymes world on partnering, SDG innovation and start-up collaboration: https://borsen.dk/nyheder/virksomheder/nilfisk-og-novozymes-gaar-sammen-om-innovation-af-baeredygtig-rengoring
Nathanael Tan
Another suggestion for the tool: Either put in the titles of each SDG directly or put them in a tooltip so we can easily refer to which SDG is for which purpose - there's too many to remember! Hehe :3
Dan Shulman
Greetings from Tokyo. Eager to connect with anyone active or interested in the Japanese market. Thanks!https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-shulman/I apologize for needing to drop off early. Thanks for an informative discussion!
Ninna Holm - Rainmaking
Hey Peter, thanks for sharing that article. Really great initiative :)
Thomas Alisi
Q for the panelists: with energy markets being so tied to regulations, how do you see the influence of government policies is relevant for startups success? we can talk the talk, but without support from above, it's hard to walk the walk.
Attila Turos
@Jeppe, reuse (durable) and refurbish could make more sense than recycling
Attila Turos
recycling is expensive (if done right) and energy intensive (perhaps this is where clean energy can play a major role)
Attila Turos
Attila Turos
Hello Annika :)
Thomas Alisi
thanks Alex & panelists, very interesting discussion! I got another call now and have to leave
Carsten Brinck
google ! :D
Jared Balavender
and Microsoft ;)
Nathanael Tan
Net-zero might be difficult for OEMs producing smartphones and computers. Remember when going digital was recommended instead of using paper? It's a similar argument as saying electric vehicles are cleaner without reviewing the well-to-wheel emissions
Tanja Kufner
What is Uli doing next?
Akihiro Hikita
Please, Alex, share the recording and slides.
Peter Faaborg-Andersen