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Pre-High Holy Day Zoom Series: Hope In The Time of Pandemic: An Interfaith Conversation with Rabbi Barry Cytron and Dr. Martha Ellen Stortz - Shared screen with speaker view
*Heidi Schneider
I would love to hear you share your stories of miracles in your own life! Please put them in the chat!
*Heidi Schneider
Or answer Rabbi C
*Heidi Schneider
Rabbi Cytron's question: What is your perspective on the afterlife? Put in the chat, and We will try to share them!
Hope Melton
My dad, a physician, artist, and poet, wrote a lovely poem, beloved to his family, about the miraculous humming bird, that frail creature with its tiny heart beating ferociously. Dad also wanted a consular pine planted in his memory. It is now majestic, beautiful, and huge. I went up to stoke its soft, blue-green needles. Just at that moment, a tiny hummingbird fluttered close to me. I knew who that was—and also a miracle.