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Town Hall Meeting on Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement - Speaker view
Camille McKayle | she/her
Good Afternoon. If there are questions, please use the Q&A.
Tisha Samuel
What about early admissions students, will they be required to be vaccinated?
Camille McKayle | she/her
Dear Participants. Please place your questions in the Q&A section. Also, please look at the “answered” tab to see what questions have been answered.
Camille McKayle | she/her
Click on the Q&A icon at the bottom of your screen. What comes up will be a screen with the questions and answered.
Camille McKayle | she/her
Please know that the decision was made that all on campus must be vaccinated. The implementation of the policy will be evolving. Please do reach out to faculty to see what accommodations might be made so that you can take your courses.
Sharon Honore
THANK YOU, Dr. McKayle. These issues significantly impact teaching students.
Peggy Daniels Lee
Thank you!