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Turning Recommendations into Reality: How Research & Engagement Pushes Policy - Shared screen with speaker view
Kari Arfstrom
Hello from NAST!
Kari Arfstrom
We need rain in Minnesota!
Georgetown Center for Retirement Initiatives
Beautiful in northern Virginia
Lisa Massena, Massena Associates
Greetings everyone! We're so pleased to see you!
Kari Arfstrom
Former VA Tr Mary Morris is one of the hosts!
Mary Morris (Virginia529)
...and I am so excited.....Brian Krolicki, Ron Tillett, and others hosting.....this will be fun!!
Mary Morris (Virginia529)
Lisa Massena, Massena Associates
Audience - any comment to Carlos' question from your experience? Thank you Carlos!
Lisa Massena, Massena Associates
Thank you Andy and Carlos - other comments, friends?
Mary Morris (Virginia529)
Virginia absolutely has benefitted from the work done by OR and CA and IL - they have been unbelievably helpful to anyone interested in moving forward with a program! It would have been so much more difficult without the assistance and information provided by those states and the wonderful, brilliant folks leading those programs.
Treasurer Godlewski
Yes… we’ve worked closely with Oregon and discussed possibilities of an MOU and having a interstate agreement in pulling our resources together to provide retirement
Mary Morris (Virginia529)
Carlos - in Virginia we have a rigorous Personal Finance and Economics curriculum required to graduate from high school. It is done in modules and covers both education savings and retirement savings among many other topics. VA529 has been involved in supporting the development of this curriculum and had input on the education savings module.
Lisa Massena, Massena Associates
Audience - what's your experience working with task forces or study boards - productive? not productive?
Lisa Massena, Massena Associates
Thank you so much everyone for joining us, we appreciate it!