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NPSI Webinar: To and Through: A Framework for Creating a College Bound Culture for All Students - Shared screen with speaker view
Keosha Griffiths
Keosha Griffiths, College Completion Advisor Trellis Hybrid Program, out of the Cowen Institute w/ Tulane University
Susan Flora
QUESTION: Do you also have priorities identified for middle school aged students or does your focus start at the HS?
Elena Serna-Wallender
QUESTION: Can you speak a litlte bit about how you see Alamo Promise integrating into your initiatives/efforts?
alicia velazquez
Thank you so much for the presentation. The initiatives are great! My question is how do you get everyone, including teachers onboard?
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez, Director of Early Academic Outreach Program, University of California San Diego
Aaron Garrett
Is the Colorado conference open to all?