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Café des Sciences: Sustainable Fabrics - Shared screen with gallery view
M Lu
Jeanne: to up cycling the swapped clothing, how do you deal with the sanitation? Here in shanghai, many swapping groups, but the sanitation is a huge issue. Start ups doesn’t have capacity to deal with it.
M Lu
Why do we only looking into the possibility of up cycling as used clothing treatment? why up cycling is mainly developed on textile sector?
M Lu
disagree with materials are limited... if this industry had produce these amount waste, then everyone who get involved must deal with it, not just ignore the wastes and looking for sustainable labeled products...
M Lu
Besides, no one in our life time had ever since any organic materials or biodegradable materials being degraded physically in reality
M Lu
washing and cleaning would consume more water. the answer would still: stop producing...
Hans Galliker
Is the shift towards online shopping beneficial for the footprint of the overall sustainability?
M Lu
Then the question is how to balance need basic purchase and start up business growths...
M Lu
the delivery and maintains are all consume resources.