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Zilker Park Vision Plan: TAG Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
John Nixon
Apologies for the delay joining, I'm meeting hopping today.
Caitlin Admire, COA Office of Sustainability
FYI - "SANA" to me that has always stood for "South Austin Neighborhood Association" - don't know if this will cause confusion within the community. Maybe it's not a big deal, but wanted to note it.
PARD Justin Schneider, Community Engagement
To clarify and update: 81,011 responses (comments or responses to questions) from 2,952 participants.
E. Loucks
Old Mill, but Sunken Garden is preferred
PARD D'Anne Williams
Good to see you Charlie. Welcome back to Austin!
Cynthia Klemmer
It's a lot to digest, but really some good information!
Jessica Gilzow, PARD
Jessica Gilzow, PARD
Thank you, Amanda!
Cynthia Klemmer
To Amanda's point on programming, I think it might be a helpful addition to have a couple of maps that show programming use-- perhaps intensity levels of use?-- across the park as well as seasonally. It would provide some helpful insights to consider along with the major events.
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Great suggestion!
Jessica Gilzow, PARD
Great suggestion, Cindy!!!
Jason Maurer, PARD Events
Where do we make "edit" comments? For example - events started over 80 years ago (kite festival) - shows 2000 on main slide with timeline overview. Not sure what benchmark timewise should be used by several events are over 50 years old.
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Jason - you can save the PDF to your computer and mark up in Adobe.
Cynthia Klemmer
Is there a combined edit option? Would be helpful to see comments of others.
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Great idea - we can upload the document to the OneDrive and I believe you can markup there, like a Google doc.
Kim McKnight, PARD
I had to step away for a phone call so will need to re-watch the presentation. If you can send the recording as soon as possible, I would like to provide feedback while it's fresh on my mind.
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
We will provide the Zoom recording after the meeting, as well as the link to the SANA report.
Caitlin Admire, COA Office of Sustainability
I would love to see the Climate Equity Plan included in the adjacent/related plans section at the end of the doc - I would be happy to provide a short blurb for you to include. To note, it is a proposed plan update, not yet adopted by Council but that's expected to happen later this year.
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
Caitlin - yes, please. That's an important plan to acknowledge how Zilker can contribute.
Kim McKnight, PARD
Caitlin Admire, COA Office of Sustainability
Great, I will email you. I would also be happy to help with any content re: how this park/parks in general contribute to climate change mitigation/adaptation/resilience. I don't think I saw too much of that in the report, except at related to tree canopy.
Amanda Ross
As part of the site analysis, it might also be good to look at different audiences that come to the park particularly in the community section--school groups, families, swimmers, sports clubs, volunteers, staff, dog owners, tourist, exercisers (individual and group); etc.
E. Loucks
Repairs to existing failing infrastructure, maintainability, safety
Claire Hempel | Design Workshop
1. Economics2. Environment3. Community4. Character/Placemaking/Art5. Accessibility6. Equity and Inclusion
Caitlin Admire, COA Office of Sustainability
@amanda, I love the idea of doing user profiles!
Cynthia Klemmer
Science, yes-- we do that well, programmatically, but also reverence for nature and value for the quiet spaces provided and respect for them.
Caitlin Admire, COA Office of Sustainability
Precisely, Cynthia! That is so important in creating more/better stewards!
Kim McKnight, PARD
I would like to see a more explicit call out to history and historic resources in the guiding principles
Jessica Gilzow, PARD
Thank you for saying that Amanda!
Drenner Group - Dave Anderson
I've heard the idea of "weaving together" at several different parts of today's presentation. Weave together access, weave together different uses, weave together different parts of the park, weave together science-based education throughout park, weave together... Interesting theme coming forward.
Amanda Ross
Great ideas Cindy!
Jessica Gilzow, PARD
Agreed, Cindy! Wayfinding signage and a holistic branding for Zilker Park might help with that.
Caitlin Admire, COA Office of Sustainability
Balboa Park would be a great case study for Zilker...beloved by locals but also utilized by visitors.
Charlie McCabe, Consultant
Thanks Caitlin, Balboa is much bigger (1300 acres) and has a lot more cultural institutions than Zilker, but some similar issues. Its a bit of an outlier, but I have done a fair amount of work with the parks conservancy.
Caitlin Admire, COA Office of Sustainability
@Charlie, point taken :) I've spent some time there and definitely some noted similarities (and differences)
Charlie McCabe, Consultant
@Caitlin, happy to fold Balboa in.