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Webinar on “Women-led rural development through renewable energy” - Shared screen with speaker view
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ESCWA Zoom-3
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Ramesh Shivanna
Do you have scheme to promote self employed women in Karnataka in the Solar space.
Ramesh Shivanna
I do represent International Solar Alliance (ISA) as expert committee member, how SEWA can work with ISA ?
Ramesh Shivanna
Do you have any micro finance schemes in Karnataka
Urszula Marchlewicz
Urszula Marchlewicz, Poland. The great rural areas intitiatives could be fully effective&durable if made at coordination of territorial authorities, as shown by closed info&operational X-Y IT operable model of humans existence in Earth environment system I built. It shows humans existence as realized by individuals through territorially attributed institutions (as embraced by GDP) which deliver i) equal needs incl.energy at ii) recoverable use of environment at keeping its equilibrium iii)inclusion iv) inter-territorial equalizing&structuring (resp.to 4broad&17 exact SDGs:10&1-9,11-15,16,17 as targeted policies and the 2030 Agenda as strategy), at coordination by reg.&nat. then global authorities, done as planned then improved annually. I promote use of model to UN with will to forward to all MSs throuh UN. Model of 2017&its core EU-referred scientifical verified version of 2004 is at WIPO www https://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/about-ip/en/artificial_intelligence/call_for_comments/pdf/ind_marchlewicz.pdf
Harpalsinh Chudasama
Dear Ramesh ji, Greeting. I work with Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India). We work with rural communities, predominantly women farmers, in Gujarat, MP, and Bihar. Currently, we are implementing a project focusing on Low Carbon Agriculture, wherein we are also focusing on the use of renewable energy at farm-level in order to reduce the GHG emissions. Is there any scope to build a collaboration with ISA? It would be of immense help for us and the local communities we work with. Kindly revert back regarding this. I can be reached on harpal.chudasama@akdn.org. Anticipating a fruitful association. Thanks and Regards, Harpalsinh Chudasama, Manger (Climate Change Research), Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India).
SEWA - Interpretor - Devesh
ramesh ji... and Harpalsingh ji.....kindly connect with us atmansishah@sewa.orgceo@gtnfw.org
SEWA - Interpretor - Devesh
Thiru Prof Kamaraj, we can surely help you connect with ISA on this.