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Discovery Lecture - Dr. Rosen - Shared screen with speaker view
Walter Chazin
Please type questions into this chat. These can be queued up during the talk.
Charlotte Fare
if you anchor Arp/WASP to the membrane (e.g. through a flexible linker), do you see the higher normalized polymerization rates at low concentrations?
Matthew Tyska
In the in vitro Nephrin-Nck-WASP-ARP2/3 system, are newly polymerized actin filaments trapped in the condensates or do they escape? Thinking about their availability for integration into networks.
Ray Blind (he,his)
Might histone methylation stabilize chromatin LLPS or change fusing coalescing behavior?
Roger Colbran (he/him)
What factors determine the size of the phase-separated droplets?
Henry Ong
You mentioned that in condensates, higher concentration of molecules did not fully explain increase in activity - what other mechanisms do you hypothesize increase activity in condensates?
Are you able to collect a SAXS powder patterns on your DNA-condensates? I would be curious to see if you can observe spacings found in nuclei SAXS patterns.
Joel Harp
Just a comment from me. This is brilliant and meshes well with the “unstructured stability” hypothesis of Don and Ada Olins for chromatin domains in Open Biology 2018