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Joanna Morris
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Joanna Morris
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Joanna Morris
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Mary Carlin
At Karthic with regards to your question on idle rpm and boom:Each engine has their own modes. The idea is to ensure your engine mounts are decoupled from your engine modes at the chosen RPM.You can also then optimise your calibration settings at a given speed to reduce your combustion noise contribution. Depending on your RPM and your temperature condition, your combustion stability will need to be taken into account during that optimisation
Michael Barber
@Karthic. Idle Firing frequency should remain above the first body modes, otherwise you have resonance of the BIW. This gets more difficult with fewer cylinders.
Fernando Pilz
Also, idle boom is driven by a low frequency resonance of the structure. Within the possible range of idle speeds, check the modes of the structure and avoid the coupling as much as possible. If no chance, decrease the quality factors.