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COVID-19: Supporting Students’ Emotional Health + Learning - Shared screen with speaker view
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The article referenced by Dr. Cantor: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/03/what-coronavirus-will-do-kids/608608/
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Turnaround For Children's website is now loaded with resources for the adults--for home and eventually for school www.turnaroundusa.org
Pam Cantor
Lots of resources on Turnaround website www.turnaroundusa.org, all open source
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The CASEL webinar that Marc referenced can be found here: https://casel.org/covid-resources/
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Alyssa’s recent policy resource on trauma-informed practices, as defined in state education policy: https://www.ecs.org/education-policy-approaches-to-trauma-informed-practices/
Pam Cantor
The balance between risk and protective factors elicits the expression of mental illness and can move people from mental wellness to mental illness. Rebecca is speaking of how to increase protective factors which moves the arc toward wellness.