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30 Minute Advocacy Workshops: MSU Denver’s Legislative Priorities - Shared screen with speaker view
Michele McKinney
Thanks for joining us. Please post your questions here.
Michele McKinney
Did you know: MSU Denver is the third largest university in Colorado and the only one in the state with an open access mission.• What does that mean? That any student 20 and over with a high school diploma is automatically accepted at MSU Denver.• Our mission is to serve students regardless of their educational background or life experience.
Sheila Rucki
Have any of the career bills been drafted?
Christine Staberg
Hi Sheila - we do not have any drafts yet. We have had internal folks on stakeholder calls to provide general feedback but we do not have language back from legislative sponsors yet.
Sheila Rucki
Stevie Noll (she/hers)
Any work to expand basic needs assistance for low-income students? Is this included within the COVID/stimulus efforts?
Lauren Koppel (she/her/hers)
Thanks all for this opportunity to learn!
Kaycee Gerhart
Great question Stevie! Yes, a portion of the funds that were allocated in the stimulus is specifically earmarked for direct student support for basic needs. We are still waiting on specifics from the Department of Ed on the amount or %, but it will be—at minimum— the same amount made available in spring ~$7M
Kelly Conroy
Really helpful session, I'll be looking out for more details on the upcoming legislation as they become available
Sheila Rucki