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April Virtual Luncheon Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
CREW Dallas
Hello! Our networking question is virtual today. When you join, feel free to respond. Question is: What is the most helpful app are you currently using?
Vicki Summerall
So glad you all are here!
Stephanie Gustafson
LinkedIn for work - instagram for laughs.
Ashley Deweese
The app House Party is GREAT!! I just started using it to play virtual games with my friends that I miss so much!!
Karen Hart
Hey everyone! Welcome be sure to send your responses to all attendees in addition to panelists! Zoom is my go to, even now for virtual social (aka cocktail) hours with friends and colleagues.
Vicki Summerall
Hi Rachel, how are you doing?
Fave App: Total Wine
Paula Beasley
Hi Vicki! Excited for this presentation! I've had a crash course in Zoom and am using it for class, business meetings, happy hours and a weekly family get together!
Lauren Ferris
I use Facebook the most for personal networking and Linked in for professional.
Vicki Summerall
No audio until 11:55
Sara Dickinson
Zoom for me as well. Houseparty is fun and I am connecting with friends far away.
CREW Dallas
There is no audio for the time being. You will all hear Vicki Summerall, President of CREW Dallas come on for announcements at 11:55.
Annie Hepner
The most helpful app I have been using is Microsoft Teams. It has been great for collaboration with coworkers and clients.
Lauren Ferris
Ok thank you!
Stephanie Gustafson
I’m super into Zoom right now. I hope we can keep it after the lockdown because it’s just so helpful!!
Leigh Richter
Facebook and LinkedIn, but I do like the Total Wine app mentioned earlier!
Lauren Ferris
Our municipal court is looking at using Microsoft Teams, never used or heard of it though.
CREW Dallas
We will be able to share the answers to the networking question so you all will receive a list of ideas for useful apps from fellow attendees.
Jennifer Grammer
the calm app is great to relief stress and anxiety!
Vicki Summerall
Hi Jodi! I miss all of your faces!!
Ashley Deweese
Hey, Jennifer!!! MISS YOU!! Hope all is well during this extended tax season :)
Rhonda Kraft
Zoom is becoming my friend although it has gotten off to a bumpy start. Ha!
CREW Dallas
Hello to anyone just joining! We are doing virtual networking for the next few minutes. The networking question is: What is the most useful app you are currently using?
I'm sort of old fashioned - along with Zoom and other apps - I'm finding myself using my PHONE!
Thank goodness for LinkedIn as well. Has been crucial to our sector (retail) to get information.
CREW Dallas
Tip: When you use the chat box, you can select panelists and all attendees. That way everyone can see your useful app recommendations.
Redo: The Drizly app, it delivers wine and liquor!
Beverly Woodall
I'm spending a lot of time on Webex and Zoom.
Lauren Nuffer, Kimley-Horn
Mandy Fults i like where your heads at!
MaryBeth Shapiro
Hi everyone. Marco Polo is a fun way to be a bit more visual with friends as well.
I HAVE enjoyed exercising via Zoom - Barre3 classes my daughter teaches in DC and local Tonus class.
CREW Dallas
Another tip: Your chat box can be moved by dragging it around. This is the same thing you will do when Vicki and the speakers join if the view box is blocking anything on your screen.
Amy White
I'm using Facebook groups a ton right now to keep up with the latest legislation and how other working parents are staying afloat now that we're accidental homeschoolers. On the work side, I like TurboScan or CamScanner to easily scan documents for email.
CREW Dallas
We have 107 attendees so far. Thank you everyone for joining us! A few more minutes of networking.
Stephanie Gustafson
I’m marketing on Facebook pretty hard and heavy right now - it’s a great way to have your space be seen!
For anyone in CRE Leasing, check out "Dottid" (as in, sign on the "Dottid" line). They're offering a 90 day free trial. It's cloud-based software that let's everyone on a lease (Landlord, Tenant, brokers, attys, whoever - ) create and update the same checklists, chat, doc storage, key contacts, etc.
CREW Dallas
A did you know post. There are two settings in Zoom; one is for meetings and one is for webinars. This is set up as a webinar bc we have so many attendees and that way we can focus on the content of the program. In meetings you have the option of seeing people and hearing them. For the purpose of today- you can just see our speakers.
CREW Dallas
So many great app suggestions!
Maschera Usrey
The apps for radio stations 94.9/KLTY and 101.7/Air One are a great way to listen and destress while working.
Lauren Ferris
I need to learn better marketing strategies for facebook
Zoom Pro Tip: If you send a message privately through Zoom to another participant, it is NOT private. The host will get a print out of all the comments, even the "private" ones, after the call is done. :)
Lauren Ferris
good to know!
Pam Donaldson
Zoom for sure! It has been essential in connecting not only with our industry professionals but with my friends and family! Such a great tool!
Sharon Herrin
This is also a great way to join a group you wouldn't ordinarily attend due to logistics!
Lauren Ferris
The biggest issue I've seen is commercial tenants unable to pay rent because they were forced to close due to local government orders.
Vicki Summerall
be sure to use the Q&A box for questions.
Ashley Deweese
Hi, Ginny. The April 6th Dallas County Order did not specify whether the $15 cap was intended to apply to both commercial and residential leases, so presumably it applies to both.
For mailings, I use (before and during lock down) LetterStream.com - great customer service and decent pricing considering you upload a .pdf and they mail it out from there, whether certified, regular, or overnight. Click n' Ship on the USPS website (use desktop, mobile is squirrely) works for regular mail, both letters and packages (just snag a digital / mail / food scale off Amazon so you know how much your package weighs). Print out the label and just leave it out for your normal USPS mail carrier to pick up on the daily run. A lot less risk of (outgoing) package theft now that everyone's at home!